3 Common Commercial HVAC Maintenance Challenges in Dallas During the Winter

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance DallasWhether you manage a small building or a large facility in Dallas, making sure that everything runs in top shape is a big responsibility. From clients and employees to critical inventory, it’s important to keep your property’s interior at an ideal temperature and hold down utility costs. As the seasons change here in Dallas, our unpredictable Texas winters pose special challenges for commercial heating and cooling systems. Commercial HVAC maintenance is just as important during the winter months as it is during our long, hot summers, and Max Mechanical offers smart solutions that make your job easier.

1. Controlling the Temperature

Our blue northers blow in hard and fast, and they send everybody scrambling for the thermostats. This stampede for temperature control puts a serious strain on your HVAC system while each office tries to warm up. The next day might see bright sunshine streaming through the windows, and everyone plays thermostat roulette again. Our professional tune-ups make sure that your equipment stays in great shape for its winter workout, and we also install integrated systems designed around smart automated components and controls that let you manage HVAC needs throughout the entire building. This affordable technology is easily applied to existing systems and eliminates the havoc caused by multiple temperature settings.

2. Understanding the Noise

Because the thermometer fluctuates so much during our winters, your system’s heating equipment may not run constantly. However, the first time it fires up shouldn’t result in bangs, knocks and rattles. A well-maintained HVAC system handles the switch from AC to heating mode without sounding like it’s falling apart. When equipment wheezes and squeals, it needs professional attention. Our winter checkups clear debris from fans, secure belts and keep motors running at peak efficiency. You can depend on our certified technicians to diagnose small problems before they turn into winter headaches. A healthy HVAC system runs quietly, so trust your ears, and call Max Mechanical at the first sound of trouble.

3. Preparing for the Cold

You can always count on us for professional repair services, and we can hold those unexpected costs down with our reliable maintenance plans. If your HVAC equipment malfunctions during a cold spell, everybody in the building suffers the chill including clients and customers. Our winter checkups ensure efficient, safe and reliable performance through the coldest months regardless of temperature fluctuations. We check your system’s filters, secure its housing and inspect every part. From electrical contacts and safety switches to gas pressure and refrigerant levels, we take care of everything. Our maintenance packages are affordable even for small businesses and they help control utility costs too.

You’ve got plenty to do managing the property, so let us handle the HVAC system while you enjoy knowing that your equipment is ready for the coldest Dallas weather. You can schedule a service visit online or contact our helpful staff at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637. Our estimates are free, and we offer great financing options, so call today. Max Mechanical is always ready to help regardless of the temperature, and we’ll make sure that your HVAC system operates in peak winter condition.

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