Why Your Air Conditioning Coil Keeps Freezing Up

frozen ac coilThe enjoyment of a working air conditioner is something that most residents of Texas sometimes take for granted. That is, until the A/C breaks down in the middle of another scorching summer, with the reason for that breakdown often a mystery to those individuals.

In reality, the fault in some cases may be found when looking into the nearest mirror. That’s because many individuals neglect to have regular HVAC maintenance performed on their unit, a decision that may end up delivering expensive consequences to anyone that’s forced to endure the contemporary conditions that are present.

One of the things that can be immediately detected during that maintenance check is a freezing up of the air conditioning coil. When that happens, it’s because the airflow becomes disrupted or clogged, which causes any number of problems. These include reduced comfort and higher energy costs due to the extra exertion of the unit.

Some of the reasons this situation occurs can include:

Condensate Line Blockage

That airflow should obviously have an uninterrupted flow of air since that helps maintain the warmth of the cold coil above the freezing mark. When problems result, it’s due to the inability of the condensed water to drain in natural fashion. The water that remains ends up freezing and thereby creating an annoying blockage.

Dirty Air Filter

The buildup of dirt and debris in this area is an inevitable byproduct of using it, yet many people choose not to make regular check of the air filter. By simply changing it on a regular basis, this can be avoided. The span of time for such changes depends on the circumstances, with those homes with pets or with family members having allergies requiring a change every few months. Otherwise a quarterly change should be sufficient.

Thermostat Issues

The A/C is supposed to work in sync with the thermostat, but if the latter is malfunctioning and causing the air conditioning coil freezing up, that symmetry is destroyed. What then takes place is that the unit runs longer than it should, which will help speed up its eventual demise.

A Broken Fan

The more air that flows through a unit, the less likelihood that the coils will freeze. However, when blades of the air conditioning fan haven’t been cleaned in a while or the motor breaks down, the clock begins ticking on how long it will be before this issue develops into a major problem.

Refrigerant Problems

Regardless of what refrigerant is used in a unit, it’s a necessary component of making sure that the coil will be able to be an area for heat absorption. When a leak occurs, that freezes up not only the coils but the refrigerant lines as well. One of the other concerns about this issue is that it can cause some environmental issues.

The Dangers of Not Addressing the Problem

Once a frozen coil is detected, the unit should be immediately shut off. The reason is that allowing it to keep running runs the risk of destroying the compressor, which will result in either a costly fix or require the purchase of an entire new unit.

The Best Answer

Max Mechanical has been a fixture in North Texas for more than 20 years and is well-equipped to handle problems related to your air conditioning coil or any other A/C problem. Make sure to contact us as soon as an issue arises in order to get the very best customer service for your immediate problem.

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