Why It's Important to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

air duct cleaningThe value of having a consistently running air conditioner unit is ingrained in the mind of anyone who’s spent a summer in Texas. That’s why having a regular AC tune up makes perfect sense, given that the air ducts within a unit should be kept as clean as possible. Listed below are some reasons why it’s important to have that air duct cleaning performed:

Elimination of Odors

When people enter a residence, they can usually detect the presence of a foul odor, which can sometimes lead to a rash call for AC repair. That’s because someone living there doesn’t want to deal with such circumstances and is something that may keep friends and family away if the problem isn’t handled in the proper manner. That odor is usually mold that’s developed because of dirty ducts or the presence of dead insects or other bacteria-laden items that find their way into the unit.

Longer AC Lifespan

The annoyance of having any AC repair done can be magnified by the added expense that such a task incurs. It’s inevitable that the unit will have to deal with dirt and dust at some point, which causes the value of using it to diminish. This particular issue also lays the groundwork for a shortened lifespan for an air conditioner, since it’s forced to work harder. Like anything else, that sort of rigorous effort in pushing cooler air out can only be sustained for so long.

Lower Energy Costs

When air ducts become clogged or are just inundated with dirt and other particles, maintaining that cool temperature becomes harder. The end result is that the amount of time needed to reach a particular level of comfort is extended. That means more time running for a unit, which will be reflected on the electric bill you receive the following month. That added cost, which can be multiplied by the number of months the AC is in operation can be eliminated with a regular AC tune up.

Reduction in Allergic and Breathing Concerns

While a working unit may not elicit much concern from some people about having an air duct cleaning performed, this action is vitally important to two demographics: those with allergies and those with breathing problems. Yearly allergies can be a frustrating challenge that becomes worse when dirt and dust end up coming through a unit. For the elderly who may suffer from respiratory problems and those with conditions like asthma, it can become a serious health concern that can lead to trips to the doctor or medical treatment.

Value Explained

It makes sense that a regular AC tune up will greatly reduce the incidence of AC repair that takes place every year. During these tune ups, experienced personnel can usually spot warning signs when it comes to problems with air ducts and can take appropriate steps to head off trouble. That may involve some simple air duct cleaning or something more complicated. Either way, the multiple benefits that occur from this sort of action far outweigh any idea that saving some money is the better option.

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