The State Fair of Texas

Big Tex, Texas State Fair - Fall Air Conditioning by Max Mechanical

Big Tex*

The word “Fall” does not necessarily bring about any consistent imagery, or weather related expectations for Texas residents. We’ve operated in and around Dallas and Fort Worth for over 18 years now – and lived here considerably longer – and we never really know what to expect. With the weather.

We do, however, always know at least one thing will be consistent: The State Fair of Texas.

One of the largest events in our Metroplex

One of the largest annual events in the DFW Metroplex is going on right now. Football games, a giant cowboy, wild experiments in fried foods, all of the new cars, art exhibits and dance shows, exciting dog tricks and pig races, and kids, families and thousands of individuals all come together for 3 weeks of fun, and hopefully beautiful weather.

The State Fair of Texas is held annually at the historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The season typically starts on the last Friday in September, and continues for about 24 more days. This year it began on September 28 and will end on October 21st.

The Attractions of the State Fair of Texas

Near the center of the fair grounds stands a giant cowboy. He’s 52 ft. tall, and has been there since the 50’s. His name is Big Tex, and he looks over all of the DFW fairgoers, and makes occasional announcements and welcomes everyone “to the State Faaaiirr of Texas.” Surrounding him, and taking many pictures with him throughout the 3-4 week run of the State Fair, are nearly 3 million attendees, making this the largest State Fair in the country.

Those fairgoers come for many reasons. Two very large buildings on the fair grounds, taking up more than 300,000 square feet, are filled every year – and overflowed to a few areas outside of the buildings – with the latest trucks and cars to hit the market. Many people come back every year just for this. Others come out of tradition, many come for the unbelievable people watching, and some just love the whole thing. None of them, however, can walk more than a few feet without finding a booth with the craziest fried food you have ever seen.

The State Fair of Texas is also currently the home for two major events in college football. The “Texas-OU Game” – or “Red River Rivalry,” or “Red River Shootout” – and the “State Fair Classic,” or “Grambling/Prairie View game,” are both held in the Cotton Bowl every year during the Fair’s season.

What Does This Have to do with Air Conditioning

The HVAC systems for an event like this can be a nightmare. Keeping so many people comfortable for so long, with so many doors opening and closing, takes enormous much effort and properly functioning, well maintained air conditioning equipment. Also, as we mentioned before, the weather is very inconsistent. You never know if you need to heat, or cool, or both in one day. While the Fair involves more people, and more space, than your home, your home is no less important. Once you’re done checking out the Fair, check out the different services we offer to make your home as comfortable as possible.

A Sad Note

At the writing of this article our dear friend, Big Tex, was still with us. Sadly, On Friday, October 19, 2012 – the very day we posted this – he suffered severe burns due to a technical malfunction. He will forever be remembered as the mascot of the Fair, the tallest cowboy around, the owner of the largest hat in the western hemisphere, and the one who warmly welcomed us to “The State Fair of Texas.” But don’t you worry, folks, he’ll be back. There are already plans in place to have him up and ready for next year’s Fair.

Get well soon, Big Tex!

(*Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

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