The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance For Your HVAC System

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Having a smoothly running HVAC system is something that Arlington residents and all individuals who live in the North Texas area can take for granted. That’s why when AC repair becomes necessary, the value of proper HVAC maintenance is something that’s quickly put into the proper perspective.

The Value of Proper Maintenance

Handling minor issues before they become full-blown problems is what preventative maintenance is all about, and is something that Max Mechanical has done for more than two decades. That’s why the company’s customers swear by the twice-a-year HVAC maintenance checks.

Quick Tips

There are some simple steps the average homeowner or business can do on their own, such as making sure to remove debris from the outside of an AC unit, focusing on the top and sides. This can also be done for the heat pumps, and should try and clear out such things as leaves, grass clippings or twigs.

This can help avoid some costly AC repair or heating issues. However, putting in a call to Max Mechanical can cover so much more and make sure that any HVAC maintenance for those in Arlington and the surrounding areas is done correctly.

Filter Changes

They can make sure that the changing of an air filter is performed on a regular basis. That’s because after a few months, that filter begins to get dirtier, which can lead to clogging issues. For those with pets, that time frame is even shorter, meaning that it needs to be replaced on a monthly basis.


Another problem area when it comes to preventative maintenance deals with the AC condensate drain. Due to the potential buildup of algae and mold in that drain, the possibility of clogging could turn what can quickly be handled by experienced technicians into an expensive repair job.


The refreshing cool air that comes when turning on an air conditioning unit comes primarily from the refrigerant lines that lead back into the home or business using it. For those lines to work properly, they have to be properly insulated. A routine maintenance check can quickly spot if such installation is no longer there or has been damaged in some form. Replacing that is a simple task, and one that again is infinitely more appealing than a large repair bill or the installation of a new unit.

Other Important Areas

Other unseen or potentially neglected areas that are looked at in any HVAC checkup include such things as the lubricating of motors, the calibration of the thermostat and inspecting drains. One very important area that doesn’t lend itself to DIY fixes is in the area of electrical issues that focus on circuit boards and proper voltage and amperage.

The Right Choice

Max Mechanical has a tight grasp on all facets of both AC repair and the overall HVAC market, something residents in Arlington have been well aware for years. Contact us online or give us a call at either 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637.

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