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Becky M.

I want to tell you about an employee that most probably saved our home and probably our lives. Monday night our furnace was not working. After calling Max Mechanical and having a service tech come out, it was determined the issue was NOT the unit but the wiring to the unit. Tuesday morning my husband called in an electrician and had the wire from the breaker to the unit rewired. My husband called and let me know the house was starting to warm up. Tuesday evening I walked in from work and smelled fire, my husband had not noticed, he even doubted what I said I was smelling. My husband made a call to the electrician, with no response. Again he called Max and told of the smell of smoke, seemingly coming from the heat ducts. Andy stopped by on his way home, he smelled the smoke and was relentless in finding its source. It wasn’t our HVAC unit, but he still hung with us. He climbed into the labyrinth that is our attic and found the source. An electrical fire with a pretty good grip. Without Andy backing me up and finding the source we could have been in real trouble. We might have kept waiting for the source to declare itself. We might have waited until it was too late to save the house, too late to save ourselves. Thank God for ANDY! In him you have an employee who goes above and beyond and has our gratitude, loyalty and love for life. He is our hero.

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