How Investing In Solar Screens Can Keep Your Home Cooler

Benefits of Installing Solar ScreensTexas summers inspire barbecues, fishing trips and afternoons by the pool. Our sizzling temperatures also fire up strategies for beating the heat indoors. Like most homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you might be running low on new ideas, but there’s an obvious solution in every room. Look no further than your windows. Professionally installed solar screens keep your home cooler, save money and improve curb appeal.

Screen Out the Heat

No one would want to live in a home without windows, but the portals that let you enjoy the view outside are gateways for sunshine that drives up interior temperatures. The sunlight spilling through your windows heats up floors, drapes, furniture and the cool air that your AC circulates. Solar screens establish barriers and reflect the sun’s rays before they come crashing into the house. Unlike films that adhere to a window’s interior, solar screens actually shade and protect glass. They keep windows from becoming radiant heat sources, filter out harmful UV rays and hold down your annual cooling costs.

Material Density Differences of Solar Screens

The heat-beating secrets of solar window screens are based on material, design and installation. The basic construction consists of a tightly woven mesh material secured with aluminum framing. Screens come in a variety of fabrics including fiberglass and polyester, and they’re rated by density. An 80 percent fabric density is recommended for most windows. However, rooms that see more than four hours of sunlight a day are better protected with fabric rated at 90 percent. Properly installed, solar screens are mounted about an inch away from window exteriors, and they’re easily removed for spring cleaning or glass repairs.

Benefits of Installing Solar Screens

While they afford a level of privacy from the outside, solar screens don’t interfere with your view of the great outdoors. They block out heat and UV rays, but rooms still enjoy plenty of natural light. House plants love the filtered effect, and you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight fading furniture, drapes and carpet. Feel free to open the windows on pretty days without the neighbors peeking in. It takes a long time to grow a tall shade tree, but you can cool down one room or the entire house with affordable solar screens. Best of all, these clever window covers can reduce annual home cooling costs by as much as 15 percent.

Affordable Exterior Upgrades

Awnings are a traditional choice for sunny windows, but they fade, rip and put up a fight when you want to take them down. Attractive solar screens are available in a range of colors that complement your home, and the material is designed to hold up to the hottest Texas summer. They’re maintenance-free and clean up easily with a soft brush and the garden hose. Custom installations match materials and frames to your home’s style, so enjoy a little exterior decorating with these functional window treatments. Most exterior renovations turn into major projects, but solar window screens go up quickly and improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Money-Saving Versatility

Because they’re simple to customize, solar screens can be to fitted to any window shape. Doorways crowned with arches or quarter rounds don’t have to radiate heat into the foyer. Glass patio doors are easily transformed into more private entrances with solar screens. Instead of installing insect screening around the back porch, turn your favorite retreat into a cool afternoon spot with solar screens that keep out heat and bugs. If your home enjoys skylights, screens let the sunshine in without heating up the house. Custom installations can even include the convenience of motorized solar screens that retract with the push of a button.

Programmable thermostats, insulated glass and tightly sealed doors are important weapons against soaring temperatures. However, they all fight the same sunlight that pours through your home’s windows. Attractive, versatile solar screens put up a whole-house defense that keeps you on the winning side every summer, and that’s a smart way to beat the Texas heat and save money.

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