Shopping Mall HVAC Service and Repair

Shopping mall HVAC systems differ from other commercial systems in a number of ways. We ensure that both the site supervisors and the technicians who install, maintain and repair them are appropriately certified, fully experienced, and properly equipped.
The teams we send out perform their tasks correctly and efficiently, so they deliver the best results. We have specialist technicians who are dedicated to shopping mall HVAC installation and to regular HVAC maintenance. They are also fully competent at investigating, analyzing and completing what may be a complex shopping mall AC repair assignment.

Shopping Mall HVAC Installation

North Texas has a lot of different mall designs and layouts. Smaller malls tend to have unitary systems, while the larger ones are likely to have a central plant system, plus unitary systems for the individual tenants. Successful shopping mall HVAC installation, therefore, demands that the Max Mechanical team employed to install the systems works closely with the general contractor. Heavy HVAC equipment has to be delivered on time, installed correctly, tested properly, and shown to be performing effectively.
The average commercial HVAC system takes about 39% of total energy costs. A well-designed, properly installed and fully functional system can be 25% more efficient than one that does not meet our high standards.

HVAC Maintenance

Shopping malls have varied layouts, changing occupancy rates, and different air quality needs. Temperature and humidity control are obvious, but malls also use the HVAC system to fulfill smoke control requirements, minimize odor migration, and to deliver different ventilation rates. The HVAC systems utilize automatic and manual controls, complex zoning, monitoring equipment, and have access to main and secondary power supplies. Proper maintenance is essential.
Standard maintenance programs keep the systems performing effectively and efficiently. Our technicians are appropriately certified for different commercial brands. They are experienced in the special demands of different shopping mall HVAC systems, so they know, exactly, how to ensure that our clients' systems keep working at optimum performance levels.

Shopping Mall AC Repair

If one thing in business is guaranteed, it is that anything can fail. HVAC systems are no exception. Our commercial HVAC teams Are large system problem solvers, they provide a fast response to all call-outs and they arrive in fully-stocked and properly equipped vehicles. Because they are so experienced, they deliver the shortest repair time, and their work is supported by the best warranties and guarantees available.