Heater Replacement


Stay Warm This Winter With A New Replacement Heater

Replace Heater In Your HVAC SystemIf last winter seemed as chilly inside as out, this is the year to bring real warmth back into the house with a modern heater replacement. Homeowners throughout the Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth area rely on the HVAC technicians at Max Mechanical for affordable solutions, professional installations and expert services that keep their homes comfortable through the coldest months.

Our Services For Home Heating Systems

We provide the following residential heating services to our customers in the DFW area:

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When It’s Time

Before you blame the indoor chill on a drafty house, think about the age of your home’s heating system. Most units lose efficiency after 10 or 15 years, and that under performance puts a strain on everything from burners to blower belts. Whether your home heater is gas or electric, older models running short on equipment life drive up monthly repair bills. Modern residential heating systems are 15 percent more efficient than their worn-out cousins, and they don’t require service calls all winter long.

What We Do

Here at Max Mechanical, we handle new heater replacements with professional attention to detail. We visit your home and perform an inspection that takes into account its size, insulation and exterior materials. Our expert techniques ensure a correct, energy-efficient match between your house and properly-sized heater equipment, and we follow through with a custom installation that maximizes your new heating system’s performance. We never sell you a larger heater than your home needs.

Why We’re the Best

You can count on us for the finest equipment and quality workmanship, and we deliver it all with the best customer service in North Texas. Our friendly, certified technicians always respect your property inside and out, and we honor your timetable. Do you need a little help with the financing? We have great HVAC finance options that make it easier to replace old heating systems, and our teams are happy to explain the details. We want you to be completely satisfied with all our work, so you can trust us to do everything it takes to earn your business.

With professional, affordable residential heater replacement just a phone call away, why face another winter at the house bundled up in sweaters? We deliver more than 20 years of experience to every project, so contact our helpful Max Mechanical staff at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637, or drop us a line through our convenient online contact form. Let’s start warming up your home with a free estimate.