Heat Pump Tune-Up

Fall Heat Pump Tune-Up
There’s no mistaking the welcome drop in temperatures as your thoughts turn to seasonal chores around the house. It’s time to get your home ready for winter, so don’t overlook that efficient air conditioning unit quietly operating in the backyard. Your best insurance for a comfortable house through the coldest months is a fall heat pump tune-up.

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Heat Pump Tune-Up Checklist

Your heat pump looks like a simple unit, but its design houses a complex assembly of components. A certified HVAC technician starts with the basics and follows through with a thorough assessment that confirms your system’s overall operational integrity. First, he verifies startup functions and checks safety controls. The compressor and evaporator coil make up the heart of the unit, and both are inspected and cleaned. The technician checks the blower wheel’s amperage draw and stability, and he lubricates bearings and motors. All electrical connections, switches, relays, and capacitors are tested. From the reversing valve and auxiliary heat strips to operating pressures and air flow, a professional heat pump tune-up ensures that every piece of equipment is operating in top condition.

Why A Heat Pump Tune-Up Is Important

That heat pump represents a big home investment, and a thorough inspection and tune-up extend its equipment life and efficient operation. One of the system’s biggest advantages shows up in substantially lower utility bills every month, but those savings take a hit when components aren’t working at peak capacity. A voltage imbalance, dirty evaporator coil or worn bearings interfere with your heat pump’s performance and force it to work harder to keep the house comfortable. The results are lost energy efficiency and unnecessary wear on the entire system. Without a regular heat pump tune-up, small problems turn into big repairs and potential breakdowns that require repeated technician visits and expensive emergency service.

Fall Is the Season

North Texas winters move in fast, so you want your heat pump primed to handle freezing temperatures before cold winds start to howl. The heating components work hard for at least five months with very few breaks in the weather. A professional pre-season checkup identifies problems early on, and your HVAC technician can usually handle repairs on the same day he takes care of your heat pump tune-up. If he has to return to complete the job, you’re still up and running before the mercury drops. Once the winter season blows in, your HVAC specialist will be busy with calls from homeowners who didn’t schedule a tune-up. His visit in the fall makes sure you’re not on that list of customers waiting for emergency service.

When it’s time to get the house ready for cold weather, put fall heat pump maintenance at the top of your list. Max Mechanical specializes in residential heat pump tune-up service for customers in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth and across the DFW Metro area. So contact our helpful staff at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637, or schedule a visit with our convenient online service form. We’ll make sure your home stays comfortable all winter long, so give us a call today.