Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance Service

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Your home’s heat pump runs so quietly and works so smoothly that you might not give it much thought. Don’t let its mechanical efficiency fool you. That equipment needs professional heat pump maintenance, and homeowners throughout Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth count on Max Mechanical to keep their heat pump systems operating in top condition.

Our Heat Pump Services

We provide the following residential heat pump services to our customers :

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Benefits for Equipment Life

Your heat pump represents a big home investment, and you rely on it to keep the house comfortable through the coldest North Texas winters. Its design incorporates simple geothermal principles and sophisticated equipment that work together as long as all components stay in good shape. Without regular care, the system under performs and cuts into those savings you expect on monthly utility bills. When your heat pump operates in less than peak condition, you face increased repair costs and risk shaving years off that expensive equipment’s life expectancy.

Dependable Heat Pump Maintenance

It’s important to have your heat pump serviced by a certified professional, and our Max Mechanical teams are licensed to work on all manufacturers’ makes and models. Our inspections confirm the integrity of your entire system from wiring and switches to dampers and returns. We check the compressor, condenser, fan motor and air handler. Every component is tested, and our technicians explain any replacements or repairs that might be necessary. Very few air conditioning contractors in North Texas provide the detailed heat pump maintenance services that you’ll enjoy from our teams.

The Max Mechanical Advantage

Because we install, repair and replace heat pumps, our technicians handle annual inspections with unique industry expertise. Our team members are specifically certified to work on heat pump systems, and we often catch problems other contractors overlook. Our comprehensive approach to heat pump maintenance ensures efficient performance and extends equipment life. As the leading HVAC specialist in North Texas, we’ve taken care of area homeowners for more than 20 years, and that advantage sets us apart from the competition.

You can trust us to protect your heat pump system with an affordable annual maintenance plan, and you can always count on our special brand of personal customer care. Contact our helpful pros at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637, or arrange an appointment with our online service request form. When you need reliable heat pump maintenance, call Max Mechanical first.