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Home Furnace CleaningWhen you turn on the heater to chase away the season's first chill, odd smells and knocking sounds aren't supposed to be part of the ritual. Wearing sweaters around the house and paying higher heating costs shouldn't be winter traditions either. It's easy and smart to break these old habits with a professional furnace cleaning and tune-up from Max Mechanical.

Our Furnace Services

We provide the following residential heating services to our customers :

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Dirty Furnace Symptoms

That strange odor that fills the house when you fire up the heating system isn't just dust blowing through the filter. It's produced from accumulated dirt on the furnace motor, blower and heat exchanger. Banging sounds are caused by the delayed ignition of dirty burners, and the air handler working against clogged air filters adds to the noise. When the heater’s not running, debris builds up creating friction layers that make all the components work harder when they’re finally turned on. Utility bills go up, heating efficiency goes down, and your equipment suffers needless wear and tear.

Professional Furnace Care

Our Max Mechanical HVAC specialists are trained and certified to perform cleaning services on every type of home heating system. From gas to electric furnaces, our extensive industry knowledge covers all makes and models regardless of age. We use the latest equipment and innovative techniques to thoroughly clean furnace burners, heat exchangers and fans. All components are carefully inspected, and we finish with an extensive tune-up that ensures energy-efficient furnace performance all winter long.

Our Max Mechanical Benefits

Your heating system deserves the best, and we put more than 20 years of industry experience to work on your home furnace tune-up. Our professional services help extend equipment life and head off expensive repair bills. You enjoy fresher air quality, lower monthly heating costs and a house that stays comfortable through the coldest months. Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth area homeowners count on us for premium home furnace care, and we deliver the personalized service you expect from a DFW air conditioning company that's locally owned and operated.

You can always trust Max Mechanical for expert furnace cleaning services and professional tune-ups, so give us a call before the chill sets in. It's easy to set up a service appointment with our online form, or you can contact our helpful staff at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637. Let us make a clean furnace part of your cold weather traditions.