Does Your Evaporator Coil Need Cleaning?

Does Your Evaporator Coil Need Cleaning
Your DIY warrior can handle most jobs around the house, but a happy homeowner knows his limits. The health of your air conditioning system belongs in the hands of a Dallas / Fort Worth HVAC professional, that provides one of the most important services for your HVAC system,  evaporator coil cleaning.

How Does the Evaporator Coil Get Dirty?

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil resides in an area often called the cold side of your AC’s system. It sets behind an access panel, so you might wonder how it manages to get dirty. Refrigerant inside the coil absorbs heat while it cools warm air, and this process results in condensation on the unit. The air handler blows dust particles across the damp coil setting up an environment that encourages mold growth. In just one summer, the evaporator coil builds up a layer of dirt that interferes with its operation and puts a strain on your entire AC system.

When Should You Call a Professional?

If you can’t see the evaporator coil, how do you know when it’s in mechanical trouble? One sure sign is an air conditioner that runs constantly. As dirt builds up on the coil, the component works harder to cool air flowing across its surface. Do you notice a musty smell throughout the house? A dirty coil is probably the culprit because the air blowing across it picks up dust and mold particles and distributes them through your ductwork. Without having your evaporator coil professionally cleaned, the overworked coil eventually freezes and results in overall system failure.

Do Home Strategies Make a Difference?

It’s easy to forget about changing AC filters, so put a reminder on your digital or paper calendar. Dirty filters put a strain on the entire system, and they pollute air circulating around the evaporator coil with dirt particles that quickly build up on equipment. If your home stays busy with foot traffic from a big family and shedding pets, consider investing in high-efficiency filters, but don’t forget to change them out at least once a month. Your best strategy for keeping the evaporator coil in top condition is annual maintenance and cleaning performed by a professional air conditioning company.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Before you head up to the attic and start taking things apart, ask yourself about guarantees and warranties. A certified air conditioning technician backs his work with basic guarantees, but you’re stuck with any damages caused by a DIY approach. Your best efforts can also result in a voided manufacturer’s warranty. Some AC units allow easy access to the evaporator coil, but many require special equipment for removing panels, and the coil might need to be pulled from the housing and cleaned outdoors. It’s a big job, and it’s best handled by a qualified air conditioning company.

Before summer starts to sizzle again, you want to know that your AC is ready for the heat. A clean evaporator coil ensures overall system performance, keeps the house comfortable and controls cooling costs. Save your DIY talents for another job, and let Max Mechanical give your home air conditioning system the professional care it deserves. If your reside in the Dallas / Fort Worth area you can request service online or call (817) 459-4100.

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