How to Prep your Air Conditioner For Cooler Weather

Prepare your A/C Unit for Fall and Winter
When fall arrives in north Texas, temperatures can fluctuate a lot. With the changing of the seasons, one day feels like summer, the next – winter. And while not known for vast amounts of snow, Texas can see periods of increased precipitation during the fall and even a slew of flurries and storms come winter.

Preparing your air conditioning unit to weather the fall and winter climate is a top priority as well as a wise investment that can actually save homeowners money and time. Repairs made to the unit in preparation for the fall climate of Arlington will ensure the cooling system will be ready when you needs the A/C the most.

4 Tips For Getting An A/C Ready For Cold Weather

Clean Debris From the Unit

Inspecting the air conditioner thoroughly in the fall will reveal loads of dust, dirt, and leaves that have accumulated over the summer.

To make sure that unwanted build-up does not occur, we recommend cleaning all refuse from the unit. Removing all debris in advance will go a long way in having the A/C start properly and provide cool air when A/C is needed.

Inspect The Evaporator and Condenser Coils

After a full inspection of the unit, it’s also very important to clean the evaporator and condenser coils. Taking a closer look at the evaporator and condenser coils will guarantee that debris is not being converted to “gunk” that will prevent the unit from producing cool air when it’s used again in the spring and summer.

Simple steps to prevent debris entering the device during inclement weather can go a long way. Wrapping the cooling unit in durable plastic and securing it soundly will make all the difference in the world when it’s time to start the system up again in the summer.

Change Your Air Filter

When you change the air filter on your A/C unit you give the unit a new lease on life; more dust and debris are captured before it enters other areas of the main unit. Consider changing the air filter on a routine basis. This will directly impact the unit’s overall operational efficiency.

Schedule a Maintenance Check-up

While there are DIYs to help keep your unit running smoothly, there is still much to consider when maintaining a cooling system. Although time invested in cleaning the air conditioning unit is vital to preserving the system, scheduling professionals to inspect and service our A/C will save money in the long run.

Scheduling a professional HVAC tuneup on your air conditioner this fall is a small investment that will serve to ensure the unit is in optimum shape for the coming months.

Save Time And Money – Fall Is Here!

Now that It’s time to think about turning on the heat. First, the A/C should be dealt with. Preventative maintenance is a proven method used to ensure that the unit is in top shape.

When switching from air conditioning to heating for the fall, Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has you covered. Contact us today!

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