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The City of Mansfield Texas has some interesting stories to tell about its origins, including some determined settlers and a pair of intrepid businessmen!

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Mansfield General Store*

As we’ve serviced Mansfield TX air conditioning needs, we’ve learned some interesting facts about the town’s distinguished history. The town might be dwarfed by the nearby Fort Worth, but it has a particular claim to fame that sets it apart from every other town in Texas! Read on to learn more about the remarkable founding of Mansfield, Texas.

The Early Mansfield Community was Under the Protection of Fort Worth

When early settlers came to the north Texas area, they had to carve out a new life for themselves while withstanding drought, fire, lack of resources and marauding tribes. One of the greatest hurdles most settlers had to overcome was isolation, since it was difficult to counter a hostile attack while alone. Thankfully, Texas’ western frontier found a saving grace in the forts that had been erected by the Army after the Mexican-American war, and settlers would strategically create their settlements within reach of the nearest fort in case protection was needed. Fort Worth was one of these original army posts and by the 1850s the area around the fort was well-settled with homes grateful for the fort’s protection.

Mansfield’s Early Claim to Fame was Texas’ First Steam Powered Mill

In 1856, two longtime business partners, Ralph Man and Julian Feild built a gristmill at the crossroads that was to become present day Mansfield. The gristmill that Man and Feild constructed was no ordinary mill, however. Many mills of that time were powered by water, and therefore were at the mercy of water availability, becoming quite useless during times of drought. The two businessmen were aware of this fact and so they constructed the first ever steam powered gristmill in the state of Texas. Farmers from the surrounding area would bring in their harvested grains for grinding and, after a while, Feild opened a general store across the street, followed by an inn for travelers. With these well-established businesses the town prospered through the years, and, if you haven’t figured it out already, became known as Mansfield after the names of the men who first established its commerce center.

Max Mechanical is Proud to Be Part of Mansfield TX Modern Business Community

While we might not have been around quite as long as Mansfield, Max Mechanical has been proudly serving Mansfield TX air conditioning needs for 20 years. We’ve enjoyed learning about the town’s history and if you’d like to know more, visit the Mansfield Texas website. And if you’d rather not rough it like the early western frontier settlers, contact Max Mechanical for your heating and air conditioning.

(*Image courtesy of Mansfield Historical Society)

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