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Lennox Solar Heating & Cooling SystemDallas and Fort Worth enjoy more than 230 days of sunshine every year, and that’s a real advantage for area homeowners interested in solar technology. Imagine the benefits of an energy system that fuels your air conditioner or heat pump with environmentally friendly performance while it holds down utility costs. Extend that capability to everything electric in your home, and you have the power of a Lennox SunSource home energy system.

Solar Power With Options

Lennox is recognized as the industry leader in developing solar-powered heating and cooling systems. It maintains that position by manufacturing superior equipment, developing cutting-edge technology and offering homeowners affordable options. The SunSource home energy system uses photovoltaic solar modules to covert the sun’s rays into electricity that fuels Lennox heat pumps and air conditioners. Because equipment from the Lennox Signature Collection is solar-ready, you have the option to add modules and convert to solar when you’re ready, and you can expand the system at any time depending on your home’s needs. Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment saves significantly on monthly bills, and the addition of a SunSource system gives you even more control over annual fuel costs.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

Like all homeowners, you appreciate lower utility bills, and it’s even better to know that your savings are part of a bigger picture. Coal, oil and gas keep power plants running across the state, but these fuel sources are non-renewable. Carbon dioxide emissions are the by-products of commercial electricity generation, so living on the grid comes with an environmental cost. An average residential cooling and heating system represents 48 percent of home energy use, but you can significantly reduce that figure with the Lennox SunSource system. Its solar modules generate the electricity that runs your heat pump or air conditioner with clean technology from a constantly renewable source, and that same solar energy switches over to power the rest of the house when your equipment is idle.

Savings in Your Pocket

The equation is simple: The less you buy from your power supplier, the more money you save. When its not fueling heating or cooling equipment, the SunSource system supplies your home with solar-generated electricity, and this helps keep the household budget under control. When the system produces more energy than the house consumes, this excess can be returned through the grid to your power company. The process is called net-metering and often entitles homeowners to monthly credits. Federal, state and local governments offer a variety of rebates, tax credits and other incentives for solar module installations. Increasing your energy self-reliance is good for the environment, but it also adds up to a smart return on your initial investment.

Personalized System Monitoring

It’s satisfying to know your heating and cooling system reduces your carbon footprint and saves money, and you can keep an eye on the process from your office and home computer, smart phone and tablet device. Each solar module in the SunSource system relays performance information to a dedicated website that monitors critical data including energy production and system status. Your 24/7 connection to the site allows you to track financial and environment benefits in real time through a seamless portal featuring a user-friendly interface. Options for personalization include overviews, detailed graphing, scheduled totals and even time-lapse videos. The online experience is informative, entertaining and free for the lifetime of your system.

Max Mechanical proudly carries the complete Dave Lennox Signature Collection of solar-ready air conditioners and heat pumps, and we install SunSource systems that bring you the best in environmentally friendly energy solutions. For more information about this remarkable technology, contact our friendly staff, and let us work up a free cost-savings estimate that outlines all the benefits available for your home. It’s time to start taking advantage of all that north Texas sunshine, so request a free estimate or give us a call today at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637.

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