Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Service

We are industry leading experts on this. Our company leaders are also allergy sufferers, so we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on the highest quality state of the art air quality testing equipment. Our testing abilities are very accurate and we will be able to not only identify the source but also offer solutions to resolve airborne contaminants.


Our products are proven to work, we can make your home or office a "safe place" with our products.
We literally have proven our ability to make an indoor space better than hospital grade air quality.

Detailed air testing

We can accurately detail test your home or office air. Our precision equipment will reveal:

  • Mold, algae and other biological growth
  • Chemicals formaldehyde
  • Dust and pollen
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide

As well as other harmful pollutants. Our team will provide you with a detailed report and offer solutions to resolve.

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Clean air products

We offer a wide range of top of the line proven and tested products, including a few of our own, do you get sick easily? Suffer from allergies? Have a weak immune system?

We can make your home or office a safe haven with these fine products:

  • Our Best UV System: Has a 3 bulb plus oxidizer/hydrogen dioxide treats the entire home living space, duct system and all as well as keeping your a/c system clean.
  • Hepa Filter: This is a great filter system that can be added on to any system!
  • Reme Halo: This is one of our more popular UV air purifier systems. These can be installed while we perform seasonal maintenance, added on during a repair call, added to a new installation, or we can just come out and install one. They kill mold and algae, keep your components clean, and send a harmless sanitizer agent thru your duct system.
  • ERV: Is another fine product that can be added in conjunction with any system. This product exhausts stale air our of your home or office and brings in fresh air thru an exchanger that preheats or cools the air efficiently.
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Indoor Air Quality

Duct cleaning

We have the most state of the art premium video-assisted duct cleaning equipment available, and with the HD camera you can physically see how clean our team is able to clean your ducts. We also offer a sanitizer and sealer after the ducts are cleaned. You would be amazed how much particulates our team will remove from your ducts!

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