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If you shut yourself in a room with perfect insulation and an endless supply of entertainment, food and water, you might have fun for a while. However, without proper ventilation and indoor air quality you will eventually lose all of the fresh air and the fun times will end. If there is absolutely no ventilation, then you’ll suffocate. Luckily, no one’s home or business is completely sealed. There is always a door or a window opening, and there is usually a ventilation system in place.

How Ventilation Helps Indoor Air Quality

A good ventilation system will replace the air inside with air from outside at a consistent rate that will keep the air inside as fresh as possible. You really want a good ventilation system. Breathing stale air is pretty gross, especially when you consider the bacteria that can build up in a space that doesn’t recycle its air. To accomplish fresh, recycled air you have a couple of different options. You can either use natural ventilation, or mechanical ventilation:

Natural Ventilation

With the natural option, you simply leave doors or windows open occasionally to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the indoor space. This is great if you live somewhere with moderately clean air. If you live in a highly polluted area, this may not be a good option. Also, if you live in an area with a lot of bugs you may not want to leave anything open. Or if you have pets that live inside but would rather be outside, you may not want to give them that opening. Also, nearly everyone lives somewhere that goes through a season of weather in which natural ventilation would be a bad idea. So, obviously, natural ventilation isn’t always the most convenient option, or even an option to begin with for some people.

Mechanical Ventilation

At this point, you can go with the mechanical ventilation option. This can be something simple like a fan that moves air around, all the way up to a full system that operates throughout the entire home and takes polluted air, filters it, and moves it throughout the home. There are a few different types of mechanical ventilation options for you to choose some, some of which are suited better for different climates.

  1. Supply Ventilation Systems are better for hot or mixed climates, like air conditioned homes in Dallas, TX. They draw down air using an intake vent and send it through the different rooms of a home or building using a fan and duct system.
  2. Exhaust Ventilation Systems work best for cold climates. They use fans to draw indoor air to the outside.
  3. Balanced Ventilation System is a good option if you happen to live somewhere with a mixed climate, or would just like to use a basic ventilation system.

You should also check with an HVAC professional to help determine which ventilation system is the best fit for maintaining indoor air quality in your home or office.

The New Need For Ventilation

Now, installing a ventilation system may sound like extra work when you already have an air conditioning unit and windows. However, it is a good idea to go the extra mile for a decent ventilation system, whether it’s natural or mechanical. With the recent focus our society has begun placing on energy efficiency, homes and buildings are designed better and better each year. New structures often come equipped with better sealing and insulation to make sure that you aren’t spending money on “cooling down the whole neighborhood,” like your dad always said. But with the benefits of more energy-efficient homes come a few drawbacks. With a tighter home you are better able to use less energy and reduce your electricity bill, but without proper ventilation of air from the outside, harmful chemicals and other contaminants can begin building up inside.

Our Arlington Air Conditioning Experts Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality!

Due to our innate need to breath fresh air, it’s obviously a good idea to ventilate your home or business in order to maintain clean and fresh indoor air quality. What you need to decide is not if you should ventilate, but how you should ventilate. If you’d like to learn more about indoor air quality options, contact our Arlington air conditioning experts and we’ll help you out!

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