Importance of HVAC Maintenance For Commercial Buildings

Mechanical Contractor Fort WorthCommercial facilities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area range from small offices to large industrial sites. Whether you oversee retail outlets or acres of storage, it’s important to ensure the air quality inside your commercial buildings. Regular commercial HVAC maintenance by a certified mechanical contractor belongs on the list of every responsible facility manager.

Closed Environments

Modern construction codes have resulted in buildings and sites that are tightly sealed to save energy costs. While this keeps north Texas utility bills down for commercial property owners, it results in closed environments even in large facilities. Interior temperature and humidity control are crucial to maintaining a healthy atmosphere for office employees and factory workers. The American Lung Association recognizes the importance of maintaining and protecting air quality in the workplace. As a facility manager, you should be aware of the health and cost benefits of running your HVAC system at peak efficiency all year round.

Maintenance Benefits

From aggravating allergies to respiratory infections, sick days hurt the company’s productivity and drive up health care expenses. However, a well-maintained HVAC system provides proper ventilation and discourages mold and fungus problems that adversely affect employee health. Good morale is crucial to successful production, and an office that stays cool in the summer is as good for business as a warehouse that’s warm during the winter. With regular maintenance, your HVAC unit makes a difference in the bottom line from employee costs to utility bills. Scheduled inspections also head off small mechanical problems before they become expensive headaches.

Complicated Systems

Commercial HVAC maintenance covers more than most facility managers realize. Even small office buildings are supported by an infrastructure that requires regular care. The coils and drainage systems in an AC unit are natural breeding grounds for microbes. The heating and humidifying units are prone to slime and mold growth. Dirty filters and ductwork increase facility contamination and decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. From the cooling tower and plumbing to insulation and electrical components, the network that keeps your building comfortable and healthy involves an array of parts and equipment, and it all needs scheduled inspections and cleaning.

Professional Care

Hiring a mechanical contractor who specializes in these complicated systems is a smart investment in employee health and lower business costs. You’re the facility manager, so everyone depends on you to keep things running smoothly. A reputable contractor makes the job easier with dependable services that ensure a safe, comfortable environment while keeping heating and cooling bills down. Regular maintenance extends the life of that expensive HVAC unit, and documented service records address any warranty problems that might arise. When you contract with a professional, the system stays in top shape, and you know who to call in case of an emergency.

Keeping a commercial facility comfortable increases employee morale and productivity. An indoor environment with high air quality helps eliminate health hazards for everyone in the building. You have so many responsibilities as the facility manager, but ensuring that the HVAC system functions properly is as simple as letting a professional mechanical contractor handle the job.

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