How To Remove Excess Water From Your HVAC Unit

removing excess water from ac unit

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or Arlington, you can rest assured that the summer months will be torrid ones for anyone in the area. That means that having a properly working air conditioning (AC) unit is absolutely essential to staying comfortable.

The Dangers of Flooding

However, recent flooding has resulted in damage in any number of areas, with some of those related to the AC units in local residences. That may stem from the immersion of different liquids that have reached a unit.

The Hazards Within the AC Unit

With the combination of high humidity and heavy air conditioning usage each summer in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, failure to remove the water can allow such things as mold or algae to begin forming. Those wet conditions could also result in more serious damage to the entire unit, which means that AC repair may be the next option.

That’s because the bacteria that does collect inside could potentially be deadly. In 1976 at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia, the air conditioning system wasn’t maintained properly and led to what became known as Legionnaire’s disease. Eventually, 34 people died from inhaling the bacteria-laden air.

Clogging Problems

Many of the current AC systems are able to drain the water through the use of ¾ PVC pipe, but problems develop when clogging occurs, which results in excess water. That clogging can develop as the result of dirt collecting within the unit, or in severe situations, such as the aforemtioned flooding.

One way to quickly determine if an excess is developing in the pan is to look if the backup pipe is active. If that’s the case, an overflow is either taking place or on the verge of happening, which might require a call to repair professionals to get the situation fixed.

However, by undergoing a regular maintenance program with Max Mechanical, it’s possible to address these issues before they either surface or get worse.

Removal Options

Using a wet dry vacuum will help remove whatever is causing the clogging. While this is certainly an option for the resident who has one available, those who don’t can simply contact Max Mechanical to handle what can potentially be a messy situation, depending on how wet the area has become.

In certain situations, taking the time to remove the covers off the unit might be necessary if a large amount of dirt has amassed in the drain. When it comes to the most severe cases, AC repair is absolutely necessary, since either nitrogen, compressed air or carbon dioxide needs to be used to flush everything out. In that instance, the situation will automatically be messy, but the trained professionals have a solid grasp of what to expect, so they can take the proper steps and prepare accordingly.

Experience Where It Counts

So when it comes time for AC repair due to a clogged drain that’s resulting in any number of issues, Max Mechanical is the company to call. We’ve been located in Arlington since opening our doors in 1994, but Dallas residents can reach us at 972-233-1637. Those in Fort Worth in need of our services can contact us online or at 817-459-4100.

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