Boost your Curb Appeal: How to Hide your Outdoor A/C Unit

Boost Curb AppealWhen neighbors and friends pass your home, what do they say? While “curb appeal” doesn’t necessarily increase the value of a home, the aesthetics are something that many people take into consideration. Small changes can go a long way. In this case, hiding your air conditioning unit.

Hot Texas days make air conditioning units a necessity. While important to keep you cool, the unit doing the work could be considered unsightly by passers-by, so the need to hide the Air Conditioning unit becomes a priority.

Ways to Camouflage your Outdoor A/C Unit

Creative GardeningVertical garden hid air conditioning unit

While flowers and other items are certainly wise, consider developing a garden around the unit that has the potential to supplement your food supply. Given the trendiness of large-scale vertical farms across the globe, you, the homeowner, can also be seen as being on the cutting edge of change and sustainability. Learn how to make a vertical pallet garden here.




A Bamboo ScreenBamboo screen to hide ac unit

This possibility is a fairly simple solution since all it really involves is the purchase of the screen and then placing it in front of the unit. It offers an exotic take on the situation and is certainly a more visually appealing look. Another option is to plant bamboo around the unit, but planter beware, bamboo grows fast!


Repurposed ShuttersChic shutters to hide ac unit

Shutters that might no longer look good on the home are something that can easily handle this simple, cover-up task. Even if the wear-and-tear has taken a toll on the shutters, it’s likely that a fresh coat of paint will offer an invigorating look to boost your curb appeal.




Artistic Pallets

Check with local businesses or shipping areas to determine if they have  of worn out pallets for a cost-friendly coverage option. Most likely, those companies will be happy to have someone take them away at no cost. Then, once some fresh paint that blends well with the surrounding area is applied, a variation on the always-popular picket fence is created around the unit. Get creative!




Trellis Magictrellis hide air conditioning unit

Trellis systems are always a visually appealing sight whether an air conditioning unit is there or not. So it makes sense to use them accomplish two things at once and place it around your A/C unit.





Strategic Placement of PlantsTrellis plant hidden AC unit

Placing plants that will bloom near your unit either hung or in pots make hiding your air conditioner unit much easier. Large potted plants can be an option because the pots or containers themselves will undoubtedly block anyone from spotting the unit. Another option is to add plants to the trellis like this.


Speaking From Experience

Max Mechanical’s DFW A/C experts  have seen it all. Two important factors when making the decision to follow through with any coverage project:

  • Ensure proper ventilation above your unit
  • Make it simple to reach the unit for those conducting maintenance or air conditioner repair

Contact Max Mechanical’s Experts to boost your curb appeal  

Having been around since 1994, Max Mechanical’s experts is prepared to handle any air condition repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us today at 817-459-4100 for Fort Worth and 972-233-1637 in Dallas.

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