How a Programmable Thermostat Can Save 10% on Your Energy Bill

How A Programmable Thermostat Can Save You MoneyThe digital age makes life easier on so many levels, but did you know that it can save money on your home energy bills every month? According to, installing a programmable thermostat can reduce your cooling and heating costs by 10 percent, and the latest models offer a wide range of features and controls. Between our frigid winters and sizzling summers, every Dallas-Fort Worth area home can enjoy the benefits of these modern marvels.

Choose Your Settings

Smart thermostats are available in three basic configurations that work with different household schedules, but you’ll find plenty of variations. The 5+2 model schedules temperature controls during the week when you’re at work and automatically switches to a weekend setting. If your weekends are busy, the 5-1-1 unit lets you fine tune Saturdays and Sundays. For families that come and go all week, the 7-day model provides flexibility with temperature settings that can be programmed to match a different schedule each day.

Explore the Features

While most programmable thermostats feature four to six pre-set schedules, the latest units allow you to customize settings to match your timetable, and they all offer manual overrides. The bells and whistles are functional and convenient with options that display outdoor temperatures and connect to the Internet. The thermostat won’t surf your favorite sites, but it will respond to your commands from the office computer or your smart phone. Some models even offer decorating touches like backlit displays with color choices to match your home’s interior.

Enjoy the Advantages

The biggest benefit of a modern thermostat shows up in lower utility costs every month, but this clever unit can do even more to make life a little easier. Consider installing a model that tells you when it’s time to change out those old filters or alerts you to HVAC system problems. The latest units are simple to program and operate, so you can set up the house for vacation and wake up the system on your way back home. From automatic adjustments for daylight savings time to restoring settings after a power failure, a high-tech thermostat is an easy-to-use control system that saves money year round.

Spring Into Change

A little professional advice makes it easier to choose the best thermostat for your home, so talk to your HVAC specialist when they make that spring AC tune-up service call. You’re already heading off unexpected maintenance problems with the visit, and they can explain the additional savings you’ll enjoy. Because our specialists are certified technicians, they can give you the details about different models and discuss the options that work best in your home. You can look forward to a setup that keeps the house comfortable and holds down those utility bills.

Once you understand all the advantages, it’s easy to make the change from that old model to an efficient programmable thermostat. We’re always happy to help here at Max Mechanical, so schedule a service call online, or talk with our friendly staff at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637. We’re ready to move your home’s temperature control into the money-saving digital age.

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