How Often Should I Replace My Thermostat Batteries?

replace thermostat batteriesLike everything else, the thermostat has evolved, going from a mercury-filled necessity that can be adjusted by hand to the electronic and digital variety that controls the air conditioning to help keep a home cool during the scorching months of summer.

Modern Convenience

Contemporary versions are powered by thermostat batteries, a key factor which becomes especially important when a power failure occurs. That’s because the batteries are able to maintain the programming of the AC unit, with the different types made of alkaline and coming in either the AA or AAA form or lithium in the 3V button-style.

The modern versions are also made with the idea of making sure that energy savings are a prime consideration. In regard to air conditioning, it means that an approximate savings of 20 percent can go back into the pocket of a homeowner or business, all while staying cool.

How Often for a Change?

A good rule of thumb is that thermostat batteries for your AC will generally last six months, which means that it’s something that can be checked if you decide to have Max Mechanical come to perform a maintenance check on your HVAC system.

Since they have experienced technicians working for them, they can check to make sure that a battery change is in order. This type of consideration becomes vitally important for those who have such maintenance checks done during the spring months. By handling the issue at that time, it prevents the issue from surfacing at some point during the always-hot summers that define the Texas landscape.

Keeping Track Can Be Difficult

Max Mechanical is happy to handle such duties, even though they’re aware that the homeowner can likely handle such tasks on their own. The problem lies in the fact that the vast majority of homeowners often don’t pay close attention to exactly when they last changed the battery.

That means that they’re vulnerable to the battery dying at any moment, a circumstance that can lead to a costly service call. Clear signs that the battery is fading are either the low battery indicator lighting up or the thermostat beeping or simply a blank screen.

In addition to that possibility, something as simple as removing the plastic cover for that thermostat can sometimes be tricky. That can lead to frustration in what seemingly should be a simple task, since applying just the right amount of force to remove that cover is necessary. Too little won’t do the job and too much might end up breaking it.

The role of thermostat batteries in the entire AC process is something that can be overlooked when the object of the homeowner or business is simply cool comfort, but it’s something that Max Mechanical knows is a vital component to the entire air conditioning operation. That’s why we make a point to emphasize the importance of changing them on a regular basis.

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