How Often Should I Change My AC Filter?

how often should i change my ac filter




Summers in North Texas can be brutal, with triple-digit temperatures a regular part of that time of year. It really doesn’t matter what area you’re talking about, whether it’s Dallas, Fort Worth or Arlington, the need for air conditioning is pretty much a given.

While some homes may require AC repair before things really warm up, in many cases, simple maintenance may be the answer. For example, the filter is a seemingly minor part of the entire unit, but making sure it’s clean is paramount to getting the most for your money.

How Often Should I Change my AC filter?

That leads many people to ask: how often should I change my AC filter? The answer is primarily dependent upon the size of the filter, with smaller ones changed on a more regular basis. In most cases, that means anywhere from every month to every other month, depending on certain factors.

Regardless of what size it is, that issue can be remedied by simply working with Max Mechanical to set up a regular filter change. In that way, the issue can be addressed with a minimum of hassle and provide maximum comfort.

The True Cost of Neglect

The alternative to not changing the air filter is that the dirt and dust will build up in the unit, which then blocks the cool air from circulating. That not only defeats the purpose of having an AC unit in the first place, but can also result in increased energy bills that put a dent in your wallet. From a long-range perspective, ignoring the issue will also reduce the lifespan of the unit, since the wear-and-tear involved in pushing that precious cool air out will take a toll on it.

Dirt and dust that’s re-circulated can become an issue for households that have someone suffering from allergies or breathing issues. If someone within the household smokes or a pet is part of the family, the process of having to change the filter speeds up.

Experts in the Field

The highly-trained staff at Max Mechanical has dealt with these issues for more than 20 years and can provide the answers on such queries for home owners in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington areas. These can run the gamut from how often should I change my AC filter to whether your unit needs some AC repair.

Located in Arlington, Max Mechanical has two phone numbers available for any questions you might have. In Dallas, please call 972-233-1637, while Fort Worth residents can reach us at 817-459-4100. We can also be reached online and are ready to serve your AC repair needs today.

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