How much should a spring tune-up cost me?

Free money in trap

The quick answer is around $70, but let’s look into this further…

A $29 AC tune up?! That’s right. only $29 . Some companies offer a spring tune-up for this low price. Outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area they have been known to go down to as little as $19! But like most things in life when something sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

Some companies claim that a $29 tune-up is an effective marketing tool that can be used to beef up the customer base. A loss leader to get the foot in the door. Some say it is a shady practice that lowers the bar for the HVAC Industry. So which is it?

It really depends on the contractor. Some will use this just for a way of adding new customers, which is fine to some extent. It’s the other ones that use it as a way to get in the door and then find something else wrong and before you know it that $29 has turned into a hefty repair fee. There is also a difference in what the tune-up may consist of for that price as well. Some can be as little as a quick “20 point inspection” to a more detailed 40 point inspection providing a thorough going-over and testing of the system. Some may include things like belt changes or even filter replacement. Most don’t cover that though. Keep in mind, the cost of gas, vehicles, and a technicians hourly rate continues to go up. Companies have to fight that and still earn your business while staying in business themselves!

So what is a customer to do? Well there is a happy medium to be found. A “balance” so to speak. The consensus among the honest HVAC contractors is still “you get what you pay for” .

A reasonable price for a spring or fall ‘tune-up’ is still around $70 across the USA. A quick Google image search for “AC tune up” will show you the price ranges across the country. Some companies run specials during a slow time, while others stand by their work and will even charge upwards of $100-$180 for a comprehensive tune-up.

While these prices may vary by area , some markets are notorious for price-gauging, there is value to be had in knowing you are getting what you pay for and good old fashioned honest customer service.

Sure, sometimes a tune-up will uncover a potential problem and a good technician will explain the issue to the customer and what the options are. But a good thorough tune-up done properly does cost a company time and money and has value in and of itself to keep your equipment trouble free for years to come.

If all a company is touting is the low price, then that’s all you are getting… a low price. But if a company is touting the value of the tune-up and it’s values and benefits, then that’s what you are getting.

Overall, a company offering a low price is not generally harmful to the HVAC industry , as long as it is a way to keep a customer’s equipment running efficiently and not just a way to get in the door and hard sell things that may or may not really be needed at that time.

So if you are a consumer and wondering if you should go with that lower price I offer you this; you get what you pay for and if you know and trust your HVAC contractor and can see the value of the work they are performing don’t be afraid to pay a little more for the peace of mind that knowing the job is done right will bring.

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