How important is it to know your service company is going to be around tomorrow?

In the service industry it is just as important as knowing how long a company has been in business. There is a reason most companies will brag about how long they have been in business in their marketing efforts. It builds trust, and most people I know find that a positive when deciding which company to choose.
Let’s face it, when it comes to services involving our homes and business’s we want the best quality work we can afford at a reasonable price. I can go to Craig’s list right now and find you someone to mow your lawn for $25 which will probably do as good a job as someone else charging $50. But there is a big difference in finding Joe Schmoe on Craig’s list to come install a new condensing unit for my house than paying a professional who I know has been in business for a long time and will be around if I have problems tomorrow.
I can name 3 HVAC companies that went out of business in the DFW area last year, 2 of which had been around for many years, and there were probably quite a few smaller ones that failed as well. That same amount of companies probably started an HVAC business last year also.
My point of this post is not so much to challenge you to look into how long a company has been around, but to ask them “how’s business?” . I often find myself asking companies we do business with that question and if they are honest the answers can be anywhere from re-assuring to kind of strange.
Sometimes employees will come and go, which is common across any industry, but I like getting to know people at the places I do business with over the years. I like not only knowing they have experience but that they will be there when I need them the next day.

I think our blog should be informative not only about home and commercial HVAC matters , but for our wonderful customers who actually care about us the same way we care about them.
having said that.. Max Mechanical is doing great! We had another great summer and are charging into our off-season with full steam!
It’s been another year of growth, as well as a few growing pains , tempered by great leadership and great employees working together as a team.

In 2014 we will have been in business for 20 years and all signs point to being in business another 20 years!

Arlington Museum RTU

Arlington Museum of Art

We recently replaced a large RTU and some duct work for the Arlington Museum of Art. Another happy customer we truly enjoyed working with.

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