How Earthquakes Can Affect Your HVAC System

Less than a decade ago, when someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area would hear about earthquakes, they would likely dismiss it as something that only took place on the West Coast or in a Third World country.

A Growing Issue

However, the sizable jump in these potentially destructive situations since the start of 2008 shows that it’s something that any resident or business owner with an HVAC system should know about. That means being up-to-date on not only what to do should the situation worsen, but also having the proper equipment in place to handle such issues that crop up.

With research showing that the link between increased oil and gas production and earthquakes coincides with that time frame, it’s a relevant issue that Dallas/Fort Worth residents need to consider in order to protect against damage from earthquakes in the future.

The Need to Be Prepared

After all, the Lone Star State is known for oil and gas production, so there’s little chance that such efforts are likely to disappear in the years ahead. Thus, preparation for your HVAC system is vital to maintaining comfort for the resident as well as the economic interests for those in the business community.

These systems often serve as the lifeblood for businesses, especially those that are technologically-based. That’s because many require data centers that need to remain cool and dry; otherwise the equipment will be damaged or even destroyed. This is even more important when you consider how hot it can get during the summer months, and is something that we’ve strived for while honing our A/C repair skills for more than three decades.

Even more important are the literal life-and-death situations that take place in area hospitals on a daily basis. These require systems that continue working through anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

Considerations and Dangers

Max Mechanical can make sure that the unit has been secured in the proper fashion. This can be done by making sure the system has been properly bolted, using springs and clamps that will keep it in place after such occurrences. This will avoid the dangers of not only destruction of the unit, but damage to surrounding items as well.

Should the magnitude of the earthquake be much worse than what’s been previously experienced, the possibility of a gas leak exists. This circumstance can lead to even greater havoc, since it can quickly develop into destructive fires.

That means having the ability to quickly and easily shut off the gas is paramount to limiting any damage. Installing a shut-off valve can address the situation with a minimum of effort and a maximum focus on concern.

Potentially Lower Insurance Costs

One of the key benefits that a resident or business owner who is in an older home or building should realize is that a number of insurance companies look upon a modernization of an HVAC system as an opportunity for customers to receive a discount. That’s because they know that the ability to limit damage to an absolute minimum is good for their bottom line.

A/C Repair You Can Depend On

At Max Mechanical, we’re known in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for our ability when it comes to A/C repair. However, we also have skilled personnel with years of experience in knowing how to secure an area as much as possible against a catastrophe. This includes reinforcing the typical system, as well as providing options to add for greater protection. Contact Max Mechanical to serve your AC repair needs today.

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