Let Your Fort Worth Heating Contractor Tune Up Your System Before Cold Temperatures Set In

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that heating contractors in Fort Worth are getting busy as the weather cools off. Professional inspections, cleanups and tune-ups keep furnaces and heat pumps in top condition for our freezing north Texas winters. If your heating equipment performed without any problems last year, you might not think it needs special attention. However, a service call now can head off a chilly future while it helps keep money in your pocket.

Why Does the Heating System Need a Tune-Up?

While your home heating system sits idle through the warm months, a fine layer of dirt accumulates on its components. The buildup produces a familiar, musty smell that drifts through the house when you first turn on the furnace. The heat exchanger, blower and motor develop a grimy film that creates friction between moving parts and forces them to work harder. Dust and spider webs interfere with proper pilot ignition and burner performance, and this impacts the safe operation of your furnace. A professional checkup takes care of these problems and keeps your system running efficiently all winter.

What Should You Expect?

Not all heating contractors in Fort Worth offer the same fall tune-up plans, so ask your Fort Worth HVAC contractor about his specific services. A reputable company will be happy to answer your questions and won’t mind covering the details. In general, your furnace needs inspection, cleaning and fine tuning. A certified technician checks filters, burners and the heat exchanger. He inspects ductwork, capacitors and wiring. A thorough service call includes cleaning all furnace equipment and finishes with critical component calibrations and adjustments. From the thermostat to the flue, a fall checkup ensures your furnace is operating safely.

When Do You Enjoy the Benefits?

After a thorough furnace cleaning and tune-up, you enjoy a noticeable increase in your home’s air quality right away. Clean components don’t circulate dusty odors through the house, and fresh filters cut down on air-borne particles that irritate allergies. Smoothly operating motors, properly sealed ductwork and balanced fans eliminate aggravating equipment noise. The thermostat accurately responds to your temperature preferences, and efficient air flow evenly spreads welcome warmth to every room. The first time you fire up your heating system after a professional furnace inspection, all the benefits kick in.

How Does It Save Money?

Equipment that works harder than it should wastes energy, and that drives up home heating costs. Dirty furnace components don’t operate smoothly which leads to unnecessary wear on parts. A thorough furnace inspection and checkup pinpoints small problems before they turn into expensive repairs and replacements. An annual tune-up heads off the chances of an emergency service call during peak months, and it also comes in handy if you run into warranty issues with your system’s manufacturer. The small cost of a professional furnace inspection is a smart investment in extended equipment life that pays off in lower heating bills every winter.

Cold weather sneaks up on your furnace like a blue norther, so don’t wait until it’s freezing outside to call Max Mechanical for a complete fall tune-up. Our certified technicians work with every type of electric and gas system, and we also handle heat pumps. Arrange your furnace inspection through our online service form, or contact our friendly staff at 817-459-4100. Give us a call today, and you’ll sleep better, safer and warmer all winter long.

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