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GE Capital's Retail Finance business provides financing services, enabling consumers to make purchases through a range of flexible financial products and across a broad network of businesses and retailers.

GE Capital is among the country's most successful consumer finance lenders, with more than 75 years of experience. GE Capital offers private label credit card programs, promotional and installment lending, bankcards and financial services for consumers through dealers; national, regional and independent retailers; contractors; manufacturers; healthcare practices; and service providers across nearly 20 segments including: automotive aftermarket, appliances and consumer electronics, elective health care, floor covering, home design and improvement, home furnishings, jewelry, music, power sports, outdoor power equipment and sporting goods.

Our flexible financing solutions help businesses drive growth while giving consumers the affordable and convenient payment options they need.

To apply for GE Capital loan just contact us and we can go over all your options and payment terms.

Don’t forget that upgrading to a higher efficiency unit can actually use less electricity than a hair drier and actually pay for itself in a lowered monthly electric bill.

Please call or email us with any questions regarding financing your new system through GE Capital.

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