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In a simple, one room home, controlling temperature can be easy. That may be one of the many reasons so many of us desire the "simple life." But our lives aren't simple. We have multi-room homes, multi-member families and plenty of friends. The rooms in our houses are used to provide for our families, entertain our friends, and sometimes for work or exercise. Occasionally, we even have rooms specifically reserved for guests that only come over a few times a year. And in some families, the rooms we regularly use have to be kept at irregular temperatures due to differing…temperaments.

So What Is Zoning Anyway?

As the name implies, zoning involves dividing your home into different zones. Each zone is chosen based on different cooling and heating needs throughout your home. If you have a kid who can't sleep unless it's like the arctic, and a spouse who prefers to slumber in the desert, then you can control that for them through zoning. Now, if your kid gets the cool nature from you, then you and your spouse have a conversation ahead of you that's beyond zoning.

If you choose to practice some controlled zoning, though, then you can start with separating the living areas from the bedrooms. Next you'll want to look into your specialized rooms. A kitchen will get warmer than most rooms, and may need extra cooling. Then move on to your limited use rooms like your guest bedrooms and any dining rooms that are more formal than you care to use on a regular basis.

If You've Decided To Practice Zoning

You're going to need to do a little additional work to your home. You will need to get in to your ductwork, and install electronic dampers. Also, you will need thermostats for each zone so they can be kept at just the right temperature. Finally, you will want to control it all. You'll have to install a control panel for it all somewhere in the house that's easy to get to whenever you need.

At first, this may seem like a hassle. And it can be. It may also cost a little extra money at first, but there are benefits. Over time, zoning will likely help you save on energy bills. If you're reading alone in your sunroom, or playing X-Box in the living room, you want to be comfortable, but you don't need to keep the entire house comfortable. With zoning control, you can keep that one room to yourself, and leave the rest of the house alone. And if you get the right specialists, the hassle of the install will be minimal. With us, the hassle is next to nothing. 

The possibilities of zoning are endless and the results are very comforting. Give Max Mechanical a call and we’ll help you set up a totally customized and comfortable zoning system.

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