The “You Don’t Have To Be Home” Tune-Up Service

The “You Don’t Have To Be Home” Tune-Up Service

HVAC Maintenance - You Don't Have To Be Home
Busy life? Don't have the time to sit at home for your air conditioner to be serviced? At Max Mechanical, we're always looking for new ways to better serve you, and we've come up with a great new plan, “You Don’t Have To Be Home AC Tune-Up” service. We now offer maintenance agreements that cover our expert annual air conditioner tune-up without making you wait around the house for a service call. Many of you already have the pool service and lawn service taking care of your home without the need for an appointment...why not with your a/c as well?

  • We put an end to the inconvenience of sitting at home waiting for a HVAC technician
  • This affordable HVAC maintenance plan covers two visits to your home each year
  • Our certified technicians will ensure your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency

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A HVAC Tune-Up At Your Convenience

We always make sure our schedules respect your timetable, but why should you have to be home when we're checking that outside unit? With our newest service, you don't have to leave work or make sure someone's at the house. If you're out of town on business or taking that summer vacation early, we still make sure your air conditioner is in top shape and ready to handle the Texas heat. Max Mechanical puts an end to the inconvenience of sitting at home waiting for AC inspection and maintenance.

We Make It Work

Our affordable HVAC maintenance plan covers two visits to your home each year. Fall and winter service calls include a complete inspection of your HVAC system inside the house. Spring and summer maintenance focuses on the outside unit, so we can perform all the necessary work even when you're not home. You don't have to mark the calendar and remember to schedule an appointment. We notify you by email before our visit, and you never have to worry about being home for that annual air conditioner tune-up.

Your Max Mechanical Assurance

The life of your outside unit depends on expert maintenance, and our certified technicians give it a complete checkup from wiring and capacitors to the coils and compressor. Our certified care ensures your AC unit operates at peak efficiency. Cooling costs stay down, and the house stays comfortable. If we find any problems, we let you know, but most tune-ups don't require more than our professional attention to the details. With our new, convenient maintenance contract, you don't have to juggle schedules to accommodate our reliable air conditioning inspection.

Max Mechanical is proud to be the first HVAC specialist in the area to offer this smart combination of convenience and peace of mind. Give our helpful staff a call at 817-459-4100 or 972-233-1637 for more information, or take advantage of our quick online contact form. It's easy to make our dependable HVAC tune-up service a part of your summer routine without ever being at home.