DFW Air Conditioning Experts: 7 Tips on Saving Money During Texas’ Unpredictable Winters

DFW Air Conditioning Experts help you stay warm in TX winterWhile Texas definitely doesn’t suffer from the colder temps of states further north, we do get our cold snaps now and again. Texas is also known for its irregular weather patterns and surprising temperature changes. One day it might be sunny and mild, the next it might be overcast and freezing. Since it really doesn’t make sense to crank the heat up and down as the weather switches without warning, here are some tips from DFW’s air conditioning experts to help you keep warm while saving money during Texas’ sporadic winter weather:

1. Space Heaters

Space heaters are fantastic at keeping you warm, since you can set one up in the room you’re currently in, while letting the rest of the house stay cold. Make sure the doors to the room are closed when you’re using the space heater and turn it off at night when you’re warm under the covers, saving even more on electricity.

2. Install Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

Similar to space heaters, zoned AC systems can be set to only heat or cool the room you are in, making the most of the energy you are paying for. If you’re out for the day, turn it off completely, and while in make sure that its only running when needed.

3. Electric Heating Blankets

Nothing feels cozier than curling up in the soft warmth of an electric blanket. These can keep you warm throughout the day while using minimal electricity. However, keep in mind that any heating element is going to use a lot more electricity than other electric appliances, so make sure you are bundled up as well to keep costs as low as possible.

4. Don’t Drain the Tub

After a bath, leave the water inside the tub while it continues to cool. While this won’t heat the whole house, obviously, using the pent up warmth of an on-suite bath is a great way to keep a small area warm.

5. Open the Oven

When you’re finished using the oven for baking, leave the door open after turning it off. This will let the heat escape into the room versus trapping it inside.

6. Wear Thick Wool Socks and Gloves

Socks might seem like a no brainer, but make sure the kind you’re wearing is thick enough to trap heat inside. Also, purchase fingerless gloves, which will keep your palms warm, and thus your fingers, while still being able to use your fingertips.

7. When Sunny, Open Drapes

Allow the sun to stream in your windows and heat up your room. Of course, if you have old windows and a lot of heat escapes through them, you might want to consider buying heavy drapes that will help insulate.

Hope You Liked These Tips From DFW Air Conditioning Experts!

All these tips were compiled to help you find solutions when dealing with the sporadic temps of Texas winters. They all can be achieved quickly and are temporary fixes, so that the moment the sun comes out and things start warming up, you’ll be ready! If you’d like to install zoned heating and cooling systems to save on electric bills, let us know and we’ll be right over to check out your home or commercial building and provide you with a free air conditioning and heating estimate!

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