It’s Springtime In Texas, Y’all!

Spring is here! We all have our own favorite season, whether it is enjoying spring flowers, summer beaches, fall colors, or winter by the fireside. But no matter what your favorite season, we all know just how nice spring is. Before the legendary Texas summer heat hits (which we know all about as Dallas air conditioning experts), all the locals take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather! The budding and growing flowers spanning a range of shapes, sizes and colors that have inspired poems, songs, stories and acts of love strikes a chord in almost every heart. It’s the time of year that most reminds us of the life around us, and it gives us that refreshing hope that something new can always grow in place of the things that have fallen away. Sports are in full swing, students are on the last leg of a long school year, and most people seem to be generally happy. Spring is pretty nice.

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All roads lead to Texas…at least, they should, especially in the spring!

And so is Texas. We love this state. Year round, this is our favorite place in the world. The winters are mild, if at all present, the brief moments of fall are quite pleasant, and the summers are epic and known all over the country. But there is just something special about Springtime in Texas and we’d love to share our ideas of the best activities for enjoying this perfect weather!

What is there to do during Springtime in Texas?

Spring in Texas brings a wealth of activities for residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Some of the things we can do here, and some we have to travel a little for. But the weather is so nice, a little drive isn’t so bad. College students often make plans to head down to South Padre, a fun place with exciting beaches that only take up about a mile of the more than 350 miles of Texas coastline. South Padre Island is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the country. Another popular spring activity for college students is South By Southwest, other wise known as SXSW. This event brings musicians, comedians, film industry professionals, tech companies and an unbelievable amount of marketers to the Austin area. It also brings quite a few fans. One major event that takes place in the area caters to all age groups, The Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial in Fort Worth. It has been going on since 1946, and draws a large crowd of golf fans, significant others of golf fans, and fans of walking around in the outdoors.

What is there to see during Springtime in Texas?

Another Texas spring event with a large following of fans is the blooming of the Bluebonnets. Texas’ official state flower, comes out all over the state in the spring, drawing in photographers and families with it’s brilliant blue petals and iconic appearance. Many other flowers come out in the spring, and the trees are becoming a deep green again.

Birds are also beginning to chirp loudly and the young are joining the flocks. The state bird, the mockingbird, is generally around most of the year. But a smaller bird, one of the smallest actually, comes out during spring in a state known for being big. Another bird that is popular in the spring is the turkey. The spring turkey hunt in Texas kicks off on April 15 and lasts until May 14 this year, and brings some serious game hunters who don’t necessarily have Thanksgiving in mind.

Looking forward to spring holidays!

The holidays during spring in Texas are some of the best of the year. Memorial Day reminds us of those who have fallen for us, and gives us one day to focus and vocalize the respect that we have for them all year. Cinco de Mayo is our chance to celebrate the heritage of our many Mexican residents. While many mistake it as Mexican Independence Day – it is actually in honor of the Battle of Puebla, but is used as a way to celebrate the Mexican community – everyone seems to enjoy the food culture and fun. Dallas has become a top destination for St. Patty celebrants as well. This past year brought out Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dog, for the headlining performance of an entire weekend of parading, singing, drinking and fun on Lower Greenville.

Enjoy the Spring Weather and Get the A/C Ready for a Hot Summer!

Spring in Texas is great. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the comfortable weather before the heat of summer hits,  so Texans are quick to take every opportunity to get outside during Springtime. As we all know, summer in Texas is seriously hot, so get out there, enjoy spring, and make sure your A/C is ready for the coming heat!

Are there any other things you love about spring time in Texas that we missed? Tell us in the comments below!


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