Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contract


Getting involved with an annual commercial HVAC maintenance contract can sound intimidating at first, but once you have a better understanding of how these benefits can drastically improve your overall business budget, you will know why many business owners refuse to do without. To get started, you can always give us a call at Max Mechanical. In addition to serving Fort Worth, we also have our teams in Dallas and Arlington. Written below, we have detailed advantages for annual maintenance contracts that pertain to air conditioning and heating services (that are also termed as HVAC).

How commercial HVAC maintenance contract inspections save money

One of the main benefits of having professional heat and air teams regularly inspect and maintain your equipment is reducing costs related to repairs and waylay replacing the unit. Regardless, one of the more complicated reasons for getting regular HVAC maintenance inspections for heat and air units pertains to fully functioning machinery and how that process dictates utility usage. For example, when a motor has not been maintained properly, it will need to work harder to get the same results. By working harder, it will draw more electricity and increase utility bills overall. Sadly, some machinery will work less than optimally for months before it finally gives out and needs to be completely replaced.

How often you can expect maintenance inspections

Typically, professional ductwork companies will want to do a thorough maintenance visit twice a year. In general, spring and fall are the most important times to get the unit prepared for the heavier-use seasons of summer and winter. In addition, you should expect periodic check-ins to make sure equipment is working correctly and debris is not blocking the air unit. For instance, in the summer, landscaping companies can blow mowed grass onto air units causing them to perform poorly.

More than an air filter change

Commercial HVAC maintenance contracts that only address air filter changes are not doing your business justice. Along with the filter, other areas of your heat and air system that will need fine-tuning in the spring include testing the condenser, Freon, compressors, safety features, amperage and other electrical connections. In the fall, heating units will be inspected and maintained for aspects such as duct condition, burner capabilities, and electrical controls. In fact, we have a customized list of inspections and maintenance requirements that number close to 20 tasks.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your HVAC unit?

Our ultimate goal at Max Mechanical is to take the worry out of your business’ heater and AC experience. Instead of expecting to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a system that has not been properly maintained, give our commercial maintenance agreement a try. We will give your current unit a thorough tuning, and you can expect preventative maintenance that will extend the life of your current AC/heating system. To get started with an inspection or long-term agreement, give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for choosing Max Mechanical.