Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Spraying air fresheners inside your building is equivalent to spraying toxic chemicals.Why not filter your air correctly instead? Most people mistake Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with just a level of dirt or smell that circulates when there is much more involved.

The EPA has some great information on Indoor Air Quality for you at EPA.

Pet dander and hair, secondhand smoke, carbon monoxide, mold, dust, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (such as common household cleaners), and Radon are all things that can affect Indoor Air Quality.

At Max Mechanical we can offer an IAQ solution customized to fit your needs. From simply setting up an automatic filter replacement plan to upgrading to a higher MERV rating filter to HEPA filtration systems, Max has you covered. We also specialize in Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilators, Whole-Home Dehumidification systems, UV and UVC Germicidal Lights. All from the leaders in Indoor Air Quality, Lennox.

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