Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Systems


Commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly replacements for conventional HVAC units. About 50,000 geothermal systems are installed in the U.S. each year, and for good reason.

How Do Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

There are two types of geothermal heat pumps: closed-loop systems and open-loop systems, which are less commonly used. In an open-loop system, water is used as the medium for heat exchange and then discharged directly into the ground. Closed-loop systems operate by circulating an eco-friendly antifreeze solution through a closed loop, usually made of high-density polyethylene pipes, buried underground or submerged in water. Heat is conveyed, between refrigerant in the pump and antifreeze solution in the pipes, by the heat exchanger.

Benefits of a Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump System

A properly sized and installed commercial geothermal heat pump, or GHP, uses 25-50% less electricity than a standard HVAC system and can reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 72%. A GHP cools by transferring heat, through a heat exchanger, from a building to the ground, and reversing the process to heat. This works well because the temperature remains fairly consistent several feet underground. If the system is equipped with a "desuperheater," it can also heat water at significant savings.

GHP's allow for flexible design and can be installed almost anywhere in both new and existing structures. There are no noisy condensers, in fact, the whole system is so quiet most people don't even hear it running, and the indoor hardware is significantly more compact and accessible than conventional units.

GHP's provide excellent space conditioning and allow different parts of the building to be heated or cooled at different temperatures. They also effectively control humidity by maintaining about 50% relative indoor humidity.

Commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems are very durable and reliable. The underground piping is often warrantied for 25-50 years, and heat pumps generally last 20 years or more.

In a world where alternative energy is increasingly becoming a necessity, geothermal heating and cooling may well be the wave of the future. Don't get left behind, call Max Mechanical about adding a custom geothermal heating and cooling system to your existing business or new construction project.

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