HVAC Preventative Maintenance


Preventative maintenance for your businesses air conditioning and heating system is no less important than changing the oil regularly in your automobile. We can’t stress enough how important it is to change your air filters on a regular basis but to truly have peace of mind and keep your system running efficiently for years to come, the HVAC community recommends a thorough check-up twice each year.

Max Mechanical specializes in commercial maintenance and can customize a solution to fit your companies’ budget needs. We have many satisfied commercial accounts that we have done service work for years and will proudly offer references.

The following lists outline our maintenance process.

Spring preventative maintenance:

  • Clean condenser
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test & record  voltage
  • Test & record  amperage
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Inspect blower & evap coil
  • Check condenser by superheat
  • Run test compressor
  • Check contactor
  • Check blower
  • Lubricate  motors as required
  • Check TD
  • Check  capacitor(s)
  • Check belts
  • Check Freon pressures
  • Check bearings
  • Inspect drain
  • Test all safety devices
  • Test circuit boards

Fall Maintenance:

  • Test & inspect heat exchanger
  • Check safety controls
  • Grease bearings
  • Lubricate motors as required
  • Check gas & air mixture
  • Check burners
  • Check electrical controls
  • Replace filters
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check belts
  • Test gas valve
  • Check thermocouple
  • Check flue
  • Check ducts
  • Test voltage
  • Check capacitor(s)
  • Check return air
  • Test & record amps & volts
  • Test circuit boards

In addition we have customized service plans for many companies that could include things like regular filter changes and general inspections to suit any large or small business’s needs.

Benefits of a regular Maintenance schedule:

Time: A furnace or heat pump tune-up can fix any potential little problems before they become big problems. The tune-up is designed to find out and fix any potential deficiencies now so your system doesn’t break down when it’s below freezing or more importantly for us here in this Texas heat, when it is sweltering outside. This will help optimize the effectiveness of your system

Money: In the long-term, you’ll be saving money. Small fixes now can add up to big savings later. You don’t want to be in a position where your entire system needs to be replaced a couple of months down the road because something simple wasn’t checked or adjusted earlier. Seasonal maintenance can also help save on monthly utility bills.

Headaches: An AC service and maintenance tune-up can also save headaches later. The last thing you want to be doing when the temperature over 90° is running around going through the hassle of emergency repairs of a broken cooling system. Your businesses comfort and health are at stake.

For more information, take a look at our Energy Savings Price Sheet.

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