5 Ways Churches Can Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

shutterstock_154569875A church is a sanctuary that is meant to emit comfort to every patron that enters. Churches are home to the downtrodden, warmth and togetherness for families, and charity for the less fortunate. This concept becomes a little less meaningful when the sanctuary is drafty or the heat inside is sweltering. In a large building (and many churches are also older buildings), it can be difficult to control the temperature and when the air conditioning needs fixing the task becomes near impossible. If you need fast repairs to keep your church comfortable and cozy, Max Mechanical will make it happen. We want your church to be the sanctuary you have worked hard to create. These five tips can help churches save money on air conditioning costs overall and keep things running as they should.

  1. Check the Windows

Before you decide that you need an HVAC company for your church AC repair, check for places that air could be escaping. It may not be that your church AC is in need of repair at all but instead the reason you’re feeling some heat or stuffiness is that the windows are letting cold air escape. In older buildings or churches that have specialty or stained glass windows, this is something that can be easily neglected, especially when the windows are up high. Carefully check the seals and assess what’s happening with the airflow in the building.

  1. Vent Placement

A large room, like a church sanctuary, will be difficult to cool and if the air conditioning vents are placed poorly then the problem becomes even worse. This is an issue that will require an HVAC company and it’s one that Max Mechanical is well versed in handling. We can assess the placement of vents in your church, help you cut costs, and save you from needing church AC repair in the future.

  1. Wall Integrity

An older building or even one that’s fairly new can develop thinning in the walls or cracks that allow cold air to escape. This is an issue that is usually easily solved with some Spackle or insulation and it’s something you can do on your own or with the help of your church community.

  1. Air Filtration

Air that smells or feels stale and stuffy is not always a church AC repair issue. The problem may be the air that flowed through the building in the first place needed filtration and the air added to it by the current air conditioning units isn’t enough to push it out. Consider using an air filtration system to help keep the air conditioning costs low.

  1. Regular Maintenance

The church AC in your building can last a lot longer and function much better if regular maintenance is kept up. Consult your HVAC company to find out when maintenance is necessary and what you can do yourself to ensure maximum efficiency.

Educate Yourself

The best way to keep continued efficient service on your church AC is to contact your HVAC company and find out everything you need to know about your system. Ask about how it works, what you should do to keep it running efficiently, and if they can help you assess some of the issues we discussed above. If you find you do need church AC repair, contact Max Mechanical and we will take care of your building to make it the comforting sanctuary you imagine for your community.

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