Choosing The Right Fort Worth Air Conditioning Company

Avoid These Four Costly AC Installation Mistakes

Hiring The Right Fort Worth Air Conditioning CompanyIt’s a major home improvement project, so you want the best. If you’re building or renovating a house in Fort Worth, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Your family’s comfort depends on a new air conditioning system that delivers years of dependable performance with minimum maintenance. However, a badly managed installation can reduce your AC’s efficiency by as much as 30 percent, run up utility bills and shave years off your equipment’s life. Before you hire a Fort Worth air conditioning company, consider these expensive mistakes often made by unskilled contractors.

Incorrect Air Conditioning Sizing

A bad match between that new air conditioner and your home’s square footage is a recipe for higher cooling costs. An inexperienced installer will try to sell you on the idea that bigger is always better. It’s better for his bottom line, but a unit that’s too large for your house won’t deliver extra comfort. An oversized AC wastes energy and doesn’t remove humidity from smaller homes as efficiently as one that’s properly sized. A professional Fort Worth HVAC contractor uses industry approved size-calculation tools that match the best system to your house, and he shares this valuable information so you can make an informed decision.

Bad Locations For Installation

The wrong location for that outside system forces it to work harder and burn extra energy, so it’s important to consider the problems caused by the surrounding landscape and overhanging trees. Shrubs crowded around the unit interfere with adequate air flow forcing it to work harder and consume more energy. Leaves and small branches fall into the housing, clog the compressor and cause expensive equipment damage. A knowledgeable AC installer pinpoints the best location for your new unit, and that saves on monthly bills and unexpected HVAC repairs. You won’t get this kind of advanced planning from someone who’s inexperienced.

Inadequate Insulation

The insulation in your walls helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside, but the ductwork that runs through your home needs the same protection. The attic and crawl spaces heat up during the summer, and the ducts in these areas bleed expensive cool air that’s supposed to be delivered throughout your home. A reputable AC installer makes sure all ducts are sealed and wrapped with special insulation. He also applies the same attention to outside cooling conduit pipes making sure the backyard unit doesn’t lose costly cooling power. If a contractor tells you to bypass the expense of insulation, he’s trying to cut corners that you can’t afford.

Substandard Ductwork

The right materials are just as important as size, location and insulation, so be wary of an installer who offers cut-rate prices on duct repair or installation. You won’t save on the cost of a new AC system if it bleeds cool air through cheap materials that need replacement in a few years. Poorly installed ductwork loses as much as 20 percent of the air that it’s designed to circulate. A reputable contractor explains your options, and he sizes the work using proven methodology based on industry standards. He seals and insulates the ductwork so that it performs with minimum maintenance and maximum efficiency.

There’s more to installing a new air conditioning system than picking out a brand name. Even the best equipment won’t live up to your expectations if it isn’t properly installed. Substandard work might be cheaper on paper, but it becomes an expensive choice when your monthly utility bills outpace the comfort in your home. Before you decide on a company, ask questions, and pay attention to the answers. Choosing the right Fort Worth air conditioning company is a solid investment in the best air conditioner and installation service for your home.

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