5 Benefits of Getting An Air Conditioner Replacement Now

If you have an older air conditioner that is struggling to cool your home, then you should strongly consider an AC replacement. Right now is the best time to make this investment. Learn about the top five benefits of replacing your AC this ... Read More »

Do You Need A Home AC Unit Inspected Before You Buy The House?

Buying a home is exciting. It’s also the most expensive purchase most folks make, and it is not just the actual costs involved with the purchase that add up. There’s also insurance, taxes, utilities and repairs. This doesn’t ... Read More »

5 Ways to Attractively Hide Your A/C Unit

We’ve spent years installing A/C units, and even though the comfort is worth every penny, we realize a big A/C unit stuck against the side of a house or business establishment isn’t very attractive. Since we are only the DFW A/C experts and not ... Read More »

All roads lead to Texas.

It’s Springtime In Texas, Y’all!

Spring is here! We all have our own favorite season, whether it is enjoying spring flowers, summer beaches, fall colors, or winter by the fireside. But no matter what your favorite season, we all know just how nice spring is. Before the ... Read More »

DFW air conditioning Dallas TX Fort Worth HVAC

A Brief History of The Air Conditioner

We’ve all heard that necessity is the mother of invention, and those words ring true regarding the invention of the world’s first air conditioning unit. Max Mechanical has provided air conditioning in DFW for years, and so ... Read More »

Stay warm in TX winter with DFW Air Conditioning Experts

DFW Air Conditioning Experts: 7 Tips on Saving Money During Texas’ Unpredictable Winters

While Texas definitely doesn’t suffer from the colder temps of states further north, we do get our cold snaps now and again. Texas is also known for its irregular weather patterns and surprising temperature changes. One day it might be sunny and ... Read More »

Goodbye to a peer – Avery Air, Inc. Closes Shop

Earlier this year, Avery Air, a well known local Heating and Air company hung up their boots. They posted a news release on their site announcing the circumstances around their closure, but there will surely be a bit of a vacuum left in the DFW ... Read More »

Infographic regarding extreme weather in Texas

Infographic! Texas Weather Extremes

Texas weather can be a roller-coaster ride, varying from one extreme to the next, often within the space of a few days. Most Texans just embrace it, whether it means shorts and flip flops, or a scarf and mittens. We’ve embraced it in our ... Read More »

Big Tex, Texas State Fair - Fall Air Conditioning by Max Mechanical

The State Fair of Texas

The word “Fall” does not necessarily bring about any consistent imagery, or weather related expectations for Texas residents. We’ve operated in and around Dallas and Fort Worth for over 18 years now – and lived here considerably longer – ... Read More »

How important is it to know your service company is going to be around tomorrow?

In the service industry it is just as important as knowing how long a company has been in business. There is a reason most companies will brag about how long they have been in business in their marketing efforts. It builds trust, and most people ... Read More »