earthquakes hvac system

How Earthquakes Can Affect Your HVAC System

Less than a decade ago, when someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area would hear about earthquakes, they would likely dismiss it as something that only took place on the West Coast or in a Third World country. A Growing Issue However, the sizable ... Read More »

Lennox Solar Heating & Cooling System

Lennox SunSource

Dallas and Fort Worth enjoy more than 230 days of sunshine every year, and that’s a real advantage for area homeowners interested in solar technology. Imagine the benefits of an energy system that fuels your air conditioner or heat pump ... Read More »

Selecting The Right Size Air Conditioner Unit

Why The Size Of Your Air Conditioner Really Matters

Rules of thumb and ballpark guesses have a lot in common. They’re handy for estimates and don’t require a degree in mathematics. When you’re choosing the best AC for your home, these quick calculations might be tempting. Tonnage and square ... Read More »

Hiring The Right Fort Worth Air Conditioning Company

Choosing The Right Fort Worth Air Conditioning Company

Avoid These Four Costly AC Installation Mistakes It’s a major home improvement project, so you want the best. If you’re building or renovating a house in Fort Worth, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Your family’s comfort depends on ... Read More »

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contract

Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Smart investments around the house don’t have to cost a lot of money, and the best ones actually keep cash in your pocket. Some of the safest strategies are as simple as thinking inside your own walls. Here in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, our ... Read More »

Garland Power & Light Energy EnergySaver Program

Garland Power & Light Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Program (2013-2014 )

Save up to $800 on your next AC Unit or Heat Pump Homeowners and small businesses who are customers of Garland Power & Light and concerned about spending too much on heating and cooling are cordially invited to take advantage of a program by ... Read More »

Hiring A Licensed HVAC Specialist In Fort Worth

Countless businesses throughout the Fort Worth area advertise cut-rate prices for professional services. They place robocalls, leave cards on your front door and fill the mail box with flyers. When you need a reliable HVAC contractor in Fort ... Read More »

Refrigerant Leak Detection

How Refrigerant Leak Detection Can Avoid Costly AC Unit Repairs

When your HVAC technician tells you that the air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, it might not sound like a serious problem. However, he’ll explain that this is one of the leading causes of AC unit repairs because it damages vital components ... Read More »

How to Take Advantage of the Federal Tax Credit for GeoThermal Heat Pumps

If you’re thinking about replacing the home HVAC system, you know that a heat pump reduces annual cooling and heating bills by 30 to 40 percent. If you already enjoy this unique technology, you know how efficiently it operates. However, you ... Read More »

Home Ac Tune Up

Missed Your Spring AC Tune Up? We Can Help

Cooler than normal temperatures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the spring may have convinced you to skip your regular ac tune up, but the summer heat is putting your unit through its paces. The Climate Prediction Center predicted higher than ... Read More »