How AC Works

5 Ways to Achieve the Ideal Home Temperature

5 Ways to Achieve the Ideal Home Temperature (Without Breaking the Bank!)

What is the ideal home temperature? Don’t be surprised if the answers you receive to this question widely vary – and not just numerically. While some may prioritize comfort over cost, others may prefer to ensure maximum efficiency and ... Read More »

Benefits of a HVAC Float Switch

Benefits of a Safety Float Switch on Air Conditioner Systems

Air conditioners were built to remove heat from air within an indoor space. While removing the heat, air conditioners also act as a humidifier and remove moisture. This is accomplished through a process known as phase conversion in which the ... Read More »

Broken Heat Pump

What Is Emergency Heat?

It’s right there on the thermostat, so it has to be important, but do you really understand the Emergency Heat setting? It has something to do with the heat pump outside, and you wish you’d asked about it when the unit enjoyed it’s annual ... Read More »

Discussing Air Conditioner SEER Rating

Air Conditioner SEER Ratings: What Do They Mean?

An air conditioner’s job is to keep people reasonably comfortable during those long, hot summer days. It works by driving hot, uncomfortable air out of a building, replacing it with fresh, cool air. No two air conditioning systems are ... Read More »

Arlington Air conditioning units | Dallas TX Air Conditioning Repair

They Did What? How Air Conditioning Was Accomplished Throughout History

It is easy to take luxuries such as air conditioning units for granted when you never had to live without one. People throughout history have had to find methods for keeping cool in the sweltering summer months. What did people do before those ... Read More »

Air Conditioning Repair Service | HVAC Arlington TX

4 Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioning is one of the wonders of modern technology that enables our homes and office buildings to have a comfortable atmosphere even when the weather conditions are hot, humid and sticky outside. In order to ensure that the cooling ... Read More »

Furnace or Heat Pump?

Let’s look at the differences in central heating, or a furnace, compared to a heat pump. A furnace is a bit different from a heat pump so let’s take a look at whether you want a furnace or heat pump? Furnaces produce heat through the combustion ... Read More »

Air Filter Info

The single most important thing you can do to keep your air conditioning and heating system working efficiently is to make sure the air filter is matched to the unit and is clean. The indoor air that you breathe can be teeming with micro ... Read More »

How and air conditioner works diagram

How An Air Conditioner Works

Air conditioners use refrigeration to chill indoor air, taking advantage of a physical law: When a liquid converts to a gas (a process called phase conversion), it absorbs heat. Air conditioners exploit this feature of phase conversion by ... Read More »