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What is a SEER Rating?

After many years of hard work, sometimes it’s your air conditioner’s time to go. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, it’s very important to do some research beforehand. Central air conditioners can be expensive, so you’ll ... Read More »

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Arlington Air Conditioning Tune Up Checklist

Within a few months, the torrid Texas sun will be beating down on all of us, which means that air conditioning becomes a must. At Max Mechanical, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable source of Arlington AC repair, and can provide either AC ... Read More »

Trapped By Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Are You Trapped By Your HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

If you manage a facility, you’re probably familiar with the list of necessary tasks that ensure everything runs smoothly. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, a HVAC preventative maintenance agreement can help provide peace of ... Read More »

HVAC Maintenance Dallas

The Surprisingly Hidden Costs of Poor HVAC Maintenance

Fort Worth’s office buildings, retail outlets and industrial facilities are more than commercial structures. They’re environments for commerce that depend on loyal customers and happy employees. As an owner or manager, you know how ... Read More »

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Dallas

3 Common Commercial HVAC Maintenance Challenges in Dallas During the Winter

Whether you manage a small building or a large facility in Dallas, making sure that everything runs in top shape is a big responsibility. From clients and employees to critical inventory, it’s important to keep your property’s interior at an ... Read More »

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Importance of HVAC Maintenance For Commercial Buildings

Commercial facilities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area range from small offices to large industrial sites. Whether you oversee retail outlets or acres of storage, it’s important to ensure the air quality inside your commercial buildings. ... Read More »