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Prepare your A/C Unit for Fall and Winter

How to Prep your Air Conditioner For Cooler Weather

When fall arrives in north Texas, temperatures can fluctuate a lot. With the changing of the seasons, one day feels like summer, the next – winter. And while not known for vast amounts of snow, Texas can see periods of increased ... Read More »

ac blowing warm air

Why Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

The scorching months of summer make having an air conditioner around something that’s second nature, given the mere thought of the misery that would follow without such comfort. Yet some people can find themselves dealing with warm air coming ... Read More »

boost curb appeal

Boost your Curb Appeal: How to Hide your Outdoor A/C Unit

When neighbors and friends pass your home, what do they say? While “curb appeal” doesn’t necessarily increase the value of a home, the aesthetics are something that many people take into consideration. Small changes can go a long ... Read More »

Why your a/c system is leaking water

Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

Very little worries a homeowner as much as seeing a water leak. If it is not dealt with, water can cause a lot of damage to walls and ceilings, carpets and furniture. Water also attracts mold which can affect someone’s health. Water leaks are ... Read More »

hvac units required

How to Choose How Many HVAC Units Your House Needs

Have you ever wondered how many HVAC units your house needs? There are two ways to make this decision: 1. Base it on the home’s overall size and the HVAC SEER rating 2. Use detailed ‘Manual-J’ calculations, and take into account the home’s age, ... Read More »

hvac system

5 Steps To Take To Prepare Your HVAC System For Summer

Summer is two weeks away. It’s heating up outside and pretty soon you’ll be turning on your air conditioner to full blast. In order to be well prepared for high temperatures, here are 5 steps you can take to prepare your HVAC system ... Read More »

ac tune up

10 Signs You Should Invest In An AC Tune Up

These ten signs will tell you that your HVAC system (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is not working efficiently and it is time for an AC tune up. When these signs are ignored, they get worse. There will come a point when the air ... Read More »


5 Ways Churches Can Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

A church is a sanctuary that is meant to emit comfort to every patron that enters. Churches are home to the downtrodden, warmth and togetherness for families, and charity for the less fortunate. This concept becomes a little less meaningful when ... Read More »

furnace filter

Why It’s Important to Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

There are three main reasons to regularly change your furnace filter. The first is comfort, the second is running costs, and the third is repair or replacement costs. To help you understand that in a little more detail, let’s look at each one. ... Read More »

air purifier

5 Health Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Clean air is something that isn’t always available, both in and out of a home. In regard to someone’s living space, that can cause an individual’s health to be compromised by the particles in the air. However, the installation of an air purifier ... Read More »