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Ten tips to a lower energy bill

Who doesn’t want to save money? We all do. Follow these simple steps and not only will you save money on your electric bill but you will have a more comfortable home or commercial environment year round. 1.) Change your filters regularly. We ... Read More »

Crane to place rooftop HVAC unit

Learning on the job

Well today a certain major HVAC manufacturer gave us the run around. The rep on the phone kept saying one thing about a product and then saying something contradictory a minute later. It was like pulling teeth to get a straight answer. I ... Read More »

The debate over zoning and what you should know

A quick explanation of what zoning involves is needed first, so if you already know what zoning is…skip this part. Zoning basically provides the ability to only heat or cool the rooms that need it by using separate thermostats and dampers ... Read More »

Customer Service

We are reminded of the importance of customer service this week. Well.. It’s important every week. We take pride in a high level of customer service. Let’s face it, no one likes an unhappy customer. I think the HVAC industry as a ... Read More »

Honeywell brand and products from Max Mechanical

Reasons to have a programmable thermostat

Money. That’s the biggest reason. Unless you just don’t mind wasting energy and paying more money for doing so then that is reason #1. Aside from being a tad more complicated than a non-programmable thermostat , most of us ... Read More »

Popular Product – Safe-T-Switch®

Our first featured “HOT” product is the Safe-T-Switch® condensate overflow shutoff switch. If you have ever had an overflow problem you know what a headache it can be. This inexpensive solution is one of few in the market that installs and ... Read More »