Best Practices for AC Installation

There are usually two reasons why you might be installing a new HVAC system: You’re building a new home or building (exciting!), or your existing unit has kicked it (less exciting). Either way, Max Mechanical provides this checklist for the best way to ensure your new AC is installed correctly and effectively.

By making sure you have successful AC installation, your home will have a long life of comfortable air quality.

Location Matters

Where Not to Install

While it is a good first step to decide where to have your AC installed for your home, it’s equally as important to know where not to install it. Professionals have advised to avoid installing your HVAC system around specific areas of the home:

  • Near a trash can
  • Around fire hazards
  • In warmer parts of the house
  • Anywhere that might hide the unit

Where to Install

In Texas most AC units are placed outside, so now that you know where not to install your air conditioning unit, here’s a list of places that are recommended:

  • A shaded area
  • Surrounded with grass or mulch
  • Out of reach from children or dogs
  • Away from a direct path of wind

Without the right location, your HVAC unit may require extra maintenance to ensure your air quality remains at top performance.

Select the Right Size

Much like the perfect pair of jeans, you need a unit that fits in all the right places.

Too Small?

If an air conditioning unit that is too small is installed for your home, a number of problems may arise. An HVAC system that’s too small for the house will work twice as hard to cool your home, especially in the Texas summer heat.

The more your unit works to adequately make your home comfortable, the higher your energy bill will probably be.

Too Large?

Bigger does not always mean better in Texas. An AC that is too big for your home could be equally as problematic. Oversized air conditioning systems can potentially cool rooms too quickly and are more likely to have shortages.

An over-sized AC unit can also have expensive consequences as short-cycling units are likely to have shorter lives and wear out faster, which will eventually require a premature air conditioner replacement down the road.

The pros at Max Mechanical are prepared to select the perfect size unit to fit your home.

Know Your Warranty Options

Even with great AC installation, no unit is perfect. It’s a crucial step to know what your options are when your HVAC unit is experiencing problems. The warranty is a good thing to keep in mind when considering your options for which AC company you want to install your new system. A warranty with proper coverage will help you save money in the long run when your air conditioning needs inevitable maintenance.

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Trustworthy work, on-time installation and reasonable price are all notable qualities to consider when selecting which company to do your installation.

We may be a little biased, but we fit the bill. For all AC installation, maintenance and replacement services contact the reliable pros at Max Mechanical.



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