Benefits of a Safety Float Switch on Air Conditioner Systems

Benefits of a HVAC Float SwitchAir conditioners were built to remove heat from air within an indoor space. While removing the heat, air conditioners also act as a humidifier and remove moisture. This is accomplished through a process known as phase conversion in which the equipment converts liquids (in the air) to gas. The conversion occurs within the air conditioning evaporator coils through refrigerant materials. Once the moisture is removed from the air, water collects as condensation and returns back to a gaseous state. The result is some amount of moisture that is left behind in the unit.

What is a Safety Float Switch?

To collect and dispose of this moisture, a drain pan is available on all air conditioning units. Unfortunately, if there is too much of an overflow or a drain line backs up, water will spill out and collect creating microbial growth which can result in mold. The fix for an overflow that the drain pan cannot handle is a safety float switch. If the moisture begins to collect in the drainage line, a small ball valve, within the safety switch, will begin to float thus transmitting a signal to the compressor unit to turn off.

Benefits of a Safety Float Switch

There are numerous benefits of installing a safety float switch into your air conditioning unit including:

  • Eliminates the potential for water damage
  • Low cost
  • Low potential for parts to fail
  • Mitigating mold and other microbial growth
  • Significant cost savings

Eliminates the Potential for Water Damage

One of the greatest advantages of the safety float switch is that it eliminates the opportunity for overflow which could result in water damage to the surround room and floors below. When the ball reaches the top, the air conditioner automatically shuts off thus eliminating additional condensation.

Low cost

Another benefit of the device is that it is an extremely low-cost feature to purchase and install. If the air conditioner does not come equipped, the safety switch can be installed by a professional at a reasonable cost.

Low Potential for Parts to Fail

Given that the mechanism is a simple switch that is activated by the ball gauge, it is less likely for the parts to fail when compared to more complicated devices.

Mitigates Mold and Other Microbial Growth

In addition to preventing water damage, the automatic shut-off of the air conditioner will eliminate the potential for mold to grow in overflowed areas around the unit. This creates much healthier indoor air environment.

Significant Cost Savings

Finally, by eradicating the chance of water damage and bacterial growth, this simple, low-cost device could present a huge cost savings versus those units that do not have one if an overflow does occur. Mold removal and the replacing the areas that were damaged from water can be an enormous expense.

The safety float switch on air conditioner systems has become such an effective damage prevention tool that many local governments now require them on new installations. However, for those who have existing units, it is always advised to have them installed to save time, damage, money and most importantly, the health of those who are breathing in the air around the home. Safety float switches have proven to be the most effective technology to-date to combat overflow and the issues that follow it.

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What is the cost of a safety float valve installed on Lennox AC unit?

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