Goodbye to a peer – Avery Air, Inc. Closes Shop

Earlier this year, Avery Air, a well known local Heating and Air company hung up their boots.

They posted a news release on their site announcing the circumstances around their closure, but there will surely be a bit of a vacuum left in the DFW HVAC industry, (not to mention Austin, San Antonio and Houston.) as a result of this development. You don’t serve a market for a half century (54 years) without carving out a bit of a niche.

In a statement on their site, an Avery company official left the following statement:

“We express thanks to all of our valued customers for their friendship and patronage over the years. We want to extend our gratitude to our dedicated employees as well.”

The current economic climate has made business tricky for professionals from all industries, and sadly, Heating and Air Conditioning is no exception. Competition can be fierce, especially in Texas with our unpredictable, and sometimes extreme, weather, but there’s also a sense of camaraderie among fellow industry professionals. Avery Air has diligently served the air conditioning needs of Texas’ communities, and it’s definitely a somber moment to see such a long serving peer close their doors. According to the news release linked to above, Avery Air filed for bankruptcy on the 2nd of January 2013, bowing out of the fight for the title of DFW’s best Air Conditioning and Heating provider with all good grace. We wish everyone involved nothing but the best in their new pursuits.

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