Automobile Dealership HVAC Services

When your sales representatives are leading guests to the showroom floor, you wouldn’t want any of them breaking a sweat or shivering in the cold. Events like that can make your customers want to leave in a hurry, affecting your sales representatives’ commission paycheck, the customers’ happiness, and the profits of your business. Unfortunately, that’s a reality that your business may need to deal with if you don’t have a reliable, knowledgeable automobile dealership HVAC professionals available to you.

About Us

Max Mechanical should be your one stop for your auto dealership HVAC services. Our shop began in 1994 when Gary Singleton, with years of experience under his belt, decided to go it alone with one goal: provide excellent customer service. When you call us for your car dealership’s HVAC services, you’ll understand why we have a great deal of repeat business throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Arlington areas. We bring with us a vast array of knowledge and the best customer service in the business.

What Makes Us Different

Our customer-centered operation is informed by our deep-seated Christian values, encouraging us to be forthright and honest with every customer we come into contact with. We also take the quality of our work seriously, providing only the best equipment and technicians for your job. We’ll never simply do the job and leave you to fend for yourself, we’ll stay in contact with you as your contracted HVAC dealer no matter what your current needs are.

Max Mechanical is owned and operated locally, so we understand the exact needs of the community during any time of year. The fact that we’re locally owned also means that, when you go with us as your contracted HVAC service, you’re putting your business back into the community, helping everyone in DFW and Arlington.

Our team is comprised of college-educated technicians who think outside the box to bring you the best solution for your specific issue. This top of the line workmanship and extensive knowledge is why we’re not only accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but also by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

What We Do

We are able to maintain, service, and repair any of your automobile dealership HVAC problems. For your car dealership, we will perform an AC repair, upgrade, or service. Not only are we able to take on the toughest jobs for ACs that are already installed, we also are able to do initial AC installations for your business.

Additionally, we are able to service any manner of heating unit that your business may need. This, again, is not limited to repairs, upgrades, or servicing; it also consists of installations.

Our knowledge of HVAC systems is comprehensive. That’s why we perform comprehensive service on all of your HVAC parts and products, including automobile dealership HVAC solutions. You’ll never need to worry again when you contract your services with Max Mechanical.

Contact Us

For an amazing customer service-centered organization that has been built on solid Christian values, is locally owned and operated, services the DFW and Arlington areas, and backs their products and services with a 100% money back guarantee, contact Max Mechanical online. If you are calling from Fort Worth, our number is 817.459.4100. For our Dallas customers, call 972.233.1637.