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should i leave my a/c running while on vacation

Should I Leave My A/C Running While On Vacation?

For many, spring break is on the horizon, which could mean the first vacation of the year! As anticipation grows for that much-needed time off, there are still some things you need to consider before leaving your home empty for more than a few ... Read More »

5 Ways to Achieve the Ideal Home Temperature

5 Ways to Achieve the Ideal Home Temperature (Without Breaking the Bank!)

What is the ideal home temperature? Don’t be surprised if the answers you receive to this question widely vary – and not just numerically. While some may prioritize comfort over cost, others may prefer to ensure maximum efficiency and ... Read More »

how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your home

5 Ways to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Your Home

If you’re a homeowner, you undoubtedly have a smoke detector somewhere in your house. It should be routine to test their functionality once a month, change their batteries when needed, and ensuring they’re installed in the correct locations in ... Read More »

Questions to ask about your HVAC system

5 Questions to Ask About HVAC Systems When Buying a New Home

Whether you’re purchasing your first home in Dallas-Fort Worth, or are no stranger to changing residencies, asking about the HVAC system is an important step in the purchasing process that is often ignored. Even if you are getting an official ... Read More »

4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips For Fall

4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips For Fall

The coming of fall brings with it a number of concerns for homeowners, both in and out of the house. One of those issues deals with HVAC maintenance, which is something that can often get pushed aside in favor of addressing more visual ... Read More »

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC system that’s working in a consistent fashion is worth its weight in gold, especially when weather extremes come into play. In order to get the most usage out of your system, having HVAC maintenance performed on a regular basis by ... Read More »

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

ng inside a home is something that can abruptly change when the indoor air quality is compromised. Usually, a noticeable odor develops and seemingly permeates the home, with simply getting rid of indoor trash not really addressing the problem. ... Read More »

Springtime Maintenance

4 HVAC Maintenance Tips For Spring

As the weather improves and temperatures start to rise, the idea of doing spring maintenance on your appliances becomes a consideration. Considering that the climate in Texas becomes torrid once summer officially kicks in, that means zeroing in ... Read More »

air duct cleaning

5 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

No matter if it happens to occur during hay fever season or any other time of year, an allergy is an aggravating problem to deal with for the resident of any home. Allergens can also be major problems for those with asthma or for the elderly. ... Read More »

lower humidity in home

5 Natural Ways To Lower Humidity At Home

The presence of humidity within a home is something that’s natural but what’s not natural is an overabundance of it. That helps lead to higher energy bills, which helps take a costly bite out of the average homeowner’s wallet. However, there are ... Read More »